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ねんどろいど ぱんにゃ&乾紗凪 Nendoroid Pannya & Inui Sana

Nendoroid Inui Sana


Nendoroid Inui Sana from Mashiroiro Symphony. Actually I bought this because of Pannya ^^; Well Pannya is too cute for its own good~~ I really want DD Amaha Miu………’s Pannya.


After I watched the TV Animation, I really wanted to play the original game, so I tried to get the game somewhere. Last week, I finally complete all the story of the PSP version. Inui Sana was once a sub-character in PC version. She was so popular that, the maker added her own story in PSP remake ver.

Well. Though I bought it because of Pannya, Sana was really nicely sculpted, and I like it much, especially for this pose and smile face.
Nendoroid Inui Sana

This was the usual face in the game where Sana blame Shingo :D Well its the default face of Sana.
Nendoroid Inui Sana

Her shy face is good, too.
Nendoroid Inui Sana

Pannya… the paint looks quite…..
Nendoroid Inui Sana

PSP Mashiroiro Symphony. I wish to write some little review.
Nendoroid Inui Sana



他の恋愛AVGと一味違って、ヒロインと付き合う時点はエンドじゃない。付き合ってからの事も丁寧に書いて、二人で一緒に成長、一緒に困難を乗り越えることも素晴らしい。ときとき甘すぎて悶え死ぬような展開が…まあ慣れないときは何度もPSPの電源を落ちて休憩 (笑。でも作品の雰囲気が平和でニヤニヤさせて好感。



This is really a good game to me. Instead of being an AVG, it seems like close to Sound novel as the dialogue choice inside the game wasn’t too much. The characters have their own character, but not being too strong and too over. Its a high school drama, but just intensionally avoid Bunkasai, so as to focus on relationships between characters as well as the story. The pastel style of Izumi Tsubasu’s drawings together with beautiful background music, match perfectly with the story and the world,

I have no basic knowledge while I watch TV version. It was once I believed the “heroine” was Sena Airi as for her presence in different contents. Well It was Amaha Miu and Pannya finally! After I played PSP version, I have to agree that Amaha’s route was really the true, and main story.

It was quite different from ordinary AVG that the story ends with a declaration of love. Mashiroiro also focus on the time when hero and heroine comes together to overcome their difficulties, and to grow up mentally. Sometimes they were tooooo sweet that I have to shut down the PSP for a rest. haha.

Inui Sana haven’t been treat good on TV animation and PC game as well. The Senpai that she admire, fall in love with the man that she loves. Even she have allergy on animal hairs, she still adopt the abandoned cats named with Miu and Shingo. Even she cried for many times, she still support Amaha Miu and Uryu Shingo for their love relationship. Well…how good is this girl!!! Thats why fans and game maker wish Sana to have a good ending…finally.

It was the best AVG game that I played in these years.
Nendoroid Inui Sana


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