ClariS「コレクション」 “Collection”


ClariS’s official book “Collection” come with a set of Nendoroid Petit. I know ClariS through the theme song of “Oreimo”, “Madomagi” and “Nisemonogatari”. They are known to be high-school girl singer, with their face totally hidden from media exposure. A mystery unit I may say.


ねんどろいどぷち レーシングミク2011セット Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku 2011 set

Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku 2011
Here comes the Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku 2011 set. Unlike those racing Miku nendoroid and figma which was released as sponsor item, you could purchase this wallet-friendly set in normal way.


Cheerful Japan! ねんどろいどセイバー&凛 Nendoroid Saber & Rin

Cheerful Saber & Rin

グッスマのチャリティー企画「Cheerful JAPAN!」よりねんどろいどセイバー&凛です。武内崇先生よりのオリジナルデザイン、可愛いらしいチアガール姿の2人です。

This is the 8th product for GSC’s charity project “Cheerful JAPAN!”. The cutie cheergirl style Saber and Rin are designed and illustrated by Takeuchi Takashi, and transformed into Nendoroid for this special project.


アルティメットまどか Ultimate Madoka

Ultimate Madoka


GSC’s 1/8 Ultimate Madoka is such a beautiful piece of work. Maybe it should be called as sculpture instead of figure XD


ねんどろいど ぱんにゃ&乾紗凪 Nendoroid Pannya & Inui Sana

Nendoroid Inui Sana


Nendoroid Inui Sana from Mashiroiro Symphony. Actually I bought this because of Pannya ^^; Well Pannya is too cute for its own good~~ I really want DD Amaha Miu………’s Pannya.


ねんどろいど雪ミク2012 Nendoroid Snow Miku 2012

Snow Miku 2012

Just received Nendoroid Snow Miku 2012 from Crypton. This year’s Snow Miku and her coat really looks cute and lovely! Unlike the 2011 version which was movable with joints, Snow Miku 2012 have a lot of gimmick for play. I love the LED stage with the snow sculpture a lot! Arrow

Snow Miku 2012フォトリタッチ、採用されました。Snow Miku 2012 Photo-retouch being chosen.

Snow Miku 2012
PIAPRO(ピアプロ)さんとグッドスマイルカンパニーさんのコラボ企画『雪ミクが冬を応援♪「ねんどろいど 雪ミク」フォトレタッチ大募集!』、私の投稿が採用されたことを報告いたします。

I have participated in PIAPRO and Goodsmile Company’s collaboration project – Snow Miku Cheer up the winter “Nendoroid Snow Miku” photo retouch contest, and my CG have been chosen. Arrow

優勝おめでとう!! Congratulations!! Good Smile Racing

nendoroid racing miku 2011

レーシングってそれほど興味がないけど、ミクZ4がカッコいいし、今年のRQミクさんも可愛いから、ねんどろいどとfigmaを貰えるスポンサープランを参加することになにました。デザインがほんとにいいですね。2009 / 2010のも可愛いけど今年のは一番気に入りかも!
Congratulations to GoodSmile Racing for the GT300 Class 2011 Championship!!
I am not much into Racing, but Miku Z4 is very attractive and smart, and the design of Miku RQ 2011 is so cute that I have joined Nendoroid and figma sponsors plan! And seems I like 2011’s design most ^^ Arrow

ねんぷち fate/stay night 遊んでみた。Nendo Petit fate/stay night sets

nendoroid petit fate/stay night

グッスマのねんぷちfate/stay nightエクステンションセットがやっと発売しました。
最初はオルタだけは欲しかったけど、気がついたらまたフルセット予約しました^ ^;

This is the Nendoroid Petit fate/stay night extension set.
At first, I only wished to have Saber Alter, but finally I have ordered the full set ^^; Arrow

ねんどろいど大河、遊んでみた。 Nendoroid Taiga Aisaka

Aisaka Taiga

とらドラ!を見たことがないけど、なぜが逢坂大河のねんどろいとが買ってしまった…このようなセーラー服が気に入ったかも^^; せっかくだから、他のねんどろいど達も着てみたいと思いま〜〜す。
Haven’t watch ToraDora!, but seems being attracted by Aisaka Taiga’s Nendo. Maybe I like the color of the Uniform much. Well, let’s try it on other characters: Arrow