Lazyで始まり、Lazyで終わる。Starting from “Lazy”, and ending with “Lazy”.

1/8 Akiyama Mio Don't Say Lazy ver.
After the release of comic “K-ON! College”, the story for Sakurakou Keionbu come to an end. The “K-On! high school” featuring Azusa and the new Keionbu will also be released in late October, and this is the finale of the whole series. From 2009 when the Animation on air, I had so much fun and memories with K-ON in 3 years.


WAVE セイバーエクストラ〜夕方 Saber Extra 〜 evening

WAVE Beach Queen Saber Extra
WAVEよりBeach Queenセイバーエクストラです。武内崇氏のイラストを立体化されたものです。いつも青空ばかり、今回は夕方の感じを挑戦しようとしています。難しいですね。

Saber Extra from WAVE Beach Queen series. The pose and swimsuit is based on Takeuchi Takashi’s illustration. My pictures always have blue sky as background, this time I try to create evening scene. Its difficult…
I am not quite into figure in swimsuit, but because of Saber.. so I try to do a shoot. When will be WAVE’s Palm trees arrive? It must be a good background object for the figure…

ファミファミファミ〜マ ファミファミマ~♪ FamilyMart Miku

FamilyMart Miku
うちのPVCスケールフィギュア最高額値段、絶賛更新中(汗)… 普通の一番くじならこっちの店は売ってるけど、ファミマ限定くじでは無理みたいです。つまりオクでしか入手できない…それでも欲しがる自分はどうかしています^^;

FamilyMart limited Happy Kuji (lucky draw) Hatsune Miku A prize – FamilyMart uniform Miku figure.
The record of highest price of PVC in my collection have been broken..again by this Miku. Ordinary Ichiban Kuji could be easily found in local stores, but FamilyMart happy kuji didn’t appeared in anywhere else, which means I have no choice but Yahoo Auction. Though it is hard, I seems haven’t been discouraged from getting this piece of over-priced figure ^^;


一番くじ「TYPE-MOON~10周年記念」A賞 セイバー Ichibankuji “TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary” Saber

TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Saber
先月届いた一番くじ「TYPE-MOON~10周年記念」A賞のセイバーです。くじ運のないことは既定事項やスペックみたいなものですから、引けずにオクで突撃しました。届くのが遅いけど、バラ売りの店より遥かにやすいからお得な気分ヾ(  ̄▽)ゞ
This is the Saber of “TYPE-MOON” 10th Anniversary Ichibankuji Prize A. I know myself well for not having any luck on lucky draw, hence I didn’t try even once this time. Instead, I got it from auction with a more favorable price than those shops which sold the prize separately.


少年たちよアテナを託す!サジタリアス・アイオロス EX Sagittarius Aioros

Sagittarious Aioros EX
The Sagittarius Aioros from Saint Cloth Myth EX. It’s not my zodiac, and I have got the 2004 ver., so haven’t considered to buy it at first. Pre-order did stopped in half-day for all online and offline stores. While the price didn’t flied up much, I decided to bring it home^^;


グッスマ 1/8 ルーシー・マリア・ミソラ GSC’s 1/8 Lucy Maria Misora

GSC Lucy
During my vacation, I cleaned andorganized my figures cabinets. Those old figures do stir some memories and I took some photos for them after cleaning. The 1/8 Lucy Maria Misora figure was produced by Goodsmile Company in 2006, when figure makers seems started shifting focus from producing GK to PVC figures. There was 2 or 3 nendoroids in 2006, and figma have not yet released. The most early PVC figures in my collection is Lucy, and Alter’s Kuro Saber (Saber Alter).


綾波レイ – 箱根浴衣ver. Ayanami Rei – Hakone Yukata ver.

Ayanami Rei
Kotobukiya has released a 1/8 scale figure of Ayanami Rei in Yukata in 2010. The Hakone ver. is a 1,000 limited edition release in 2011, and I haven’t opened the box until now. It’s high time to open a Yukata figure in such a hot summer!


壽屋 セイバー・リリィさん Kotobukiya Saber Lily-san

Saber Lily-san
I decided not to make Kotobukiya’s kit at least for a while… Saber Lily-san’s box art is so cute that I can’t resist to take it home. Well its quite a pity if I left the box unopened.


一番くじ Angel Beats! 天使 Tenshi

Angel Beats!

バンプレストより一番くじAngel Beats!、A賞の天使です。公式画像をみて、ねんどろいどサイズと思い込んだけど実際はねんぷちサイズでした。箱はデカいですけどね。

This is prize A,Tenshi form Banpresto ichibankji Angel Beats! I tought it was a Nendoroid size product while I saw it on official website, however it turned out to be Nendoroid Petit size in reality. The box was large, though.


黒猫 – 白猫ver. Kuroneko – Shironeko ver.


コミック「俺の後輩はこんなに可愛いわけがない」#1 特装版つきの黒猫フィギュア – 白猫ver.です。いつも黒いドレスに纏った邪気眼少女の白い格好、ちょっと新鮮。

The Shironeko figure comes from the special edition of Oreimo’s spin-off comic – “My junior can’t be this cute #1”. It looks quite refreshing for the jakigan girl who always in her darkness style, wearing a white dress.