ソードアートオンライン ユイ-Navigation Pixie- | SAO Yui

電撃屋よりソードアートオンラインのユイ-Navigation Pixie-です。今のところ妖精ver.のユイフィギュアがグリフォン版とこちらの電撃屋版しかないです。グリフォン版は場所取れそうなのでこっちにしました^^;
Sword Art Online Yui-Navigation Pixie from Dengekiya. Until now, Griffon and Dengekiya versions of Yui available, and Griffon ver. seems taking up much display space and thus I choose Dengekiya ver.


ブリリアントステージ 星井美希 ローソンver. Brilliant Stange Hoshii Miki Lawson ver.

メガハウスよりブリリアントステージ・アイドルマスター2 星井美希グッドラックターコイズカラーver.です。ピンクカラーは2012年2月発売したもの、こっちはローソンのキャンペーン抽選品になります。さらに今年3月美希のイメージカラーのグリーンver.も発売になるけど、やっぱりブルーが一番好きです。最近、やっとゲットできました。
This is Hoshii Miki from Megahouse Brilliant Stage idolM@ster2 series. While pink ver. is a normal retail product in Feb 2012, the “Good luck Turquoise color” ver. is released as a campaign gift by Japanese convenient store LAWSON. There is also a green ver.(Miki’s image color) opened for pre-order now, and to be released in March 2014. Among all 3 versions, it seems that I like the blue one most.


聖闘士聖衣神話〜女神アテナ Saint Colth Myth-Goddess Athena

The Goddess Athena from Saint Cloth Myth series. I have been dreaming about this figure for years since I was small, and finally Bandai made this happened as a product for 10th anniversary of the Saint Cloth Myth series.


エヴァ展〜アヤナミレイ(仮称) Evangelion Exhibition – Ayanami Rei(temp)

The Evangelion Exhibition was held until 26 August 2013 at Matsuya Ginza. The exhibition will then move to Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka and Yokohama lateron. As a fan of Evangelion, I really wish to have a visit… One day I found this limited figure from a shop nearby, and got it asap XD


天使ちゃんマジ天使。Angel is really Angelic(?)!

Angel Beats!のキャラクターデザイン平田雄三氏のイラストを立体化した天使ちゃん、立華かなでです。一年前、グッスマが発売した1/8天使はCGで3D原型出力で作りましたけど、今回はいままで通り原型師さんより製作しました。風に揺れる薄いワンピースと細いボディ、吹かれた髪と大きく広げた翼。その柔らかさを表現するため、デジタルより手作業のほうがいいではないでしょうか。

Katsuzo Hirata, who designed Angel Beats!’s character, his latest illustration of Tenshi (Tachibana Kanade) have been sculpted into a brand new figure. The 1/8 Tenshi in 2011 by Goodsmile Company was produced from computer 3D modeling, whereas the current one was sculpted in traditional way by sculptor. In fact, the summer one-piece dress and her slim body, as well as the huge wing and her hair blowing in wind, it would be more suitable for hand-made sculpture instead of 3DCG.


超合金 セイバー Chougokin Saber

これは何体目のセイバーなんだろう…もう数えない。fate/zeroのTVシーリズは一年前に終わったけど、関連商品の発売がまったく止まれない。今月はまた一つのセイバーフィギュアが発売されました – バンダイより超合金セイバーです。
I really can’t count how many Saber figures are there in my display case. fate/zero TV series ended a year before, but its products have never stopped. There is yet another Saber figure released on February – the Chougoukin Saber from Bandai.


WAVE セイバーリリィ Saber Lily

WAVE Saber Lily
WAVE Beach Queenシーリズのセイバーリリィです。Type-moon ACEの中の一枚挿絵が、4つのフィギュアになりました…セイバーって恐ろしいものですね。これで5人のセイバーが全員揃い、私は水着フィギュアから身を引けるはず(笑)。
This is Saber Lily from WAVE Beach Queen series. Starting from an illustration on Type-moon ACE magazine, 4 figures have been produced… Saber is just terrific! So I have all 5 Sabers in swimsuit, so I can get rid of purchasing swimsuit figures from now on ^^/


ミクいっぱい!Many MIKUs!!

December was a month of Miku figures. Half of Goodsmile’s December product list was filled in Miku color.. As a collector for Miku nendoroid and nendoroid petit, I am not sure if I could continue to do so^^; Since there are too many Miku figures, I would introduce them in a single post.


singing〜秋山澪 Akiyama Mio

singing mio
Where unopened figures were stacking at home since November 2012, I still keep pre-ordering new ones..
Really hope that I have some time to open them and take some photos, but it can’t be happened on January.

けいおんのEDドレスは京都アニメーション(京アニ)のオリジナルデザインだったので、版権はまったく降りないと聞いています。フィギュアもゲームもグッズもイベント当日版権も、例外はありません。欲しければ京アニの商品を買うか、あるいは自するしかありません。この劇場版ED Singingのフィギュアシーリズも京アニより発売するものです。

Dresses in K-ON ending song were original designs by Kyoto Animation(KyoAni), and I heard that they never release copyrights to anyone including Games manufacturers, figures or goods production companies, or even for event one-day license like WonFes and etc. If you want products for K-ON characters in these dresses, you have to make your own, or purchase from KyoAni. Today’s figure from K-ON movie ED song is a product produced by KyoAni.


いつも何かを食べてるセイバーオルタさん Saber Alter always eating something…

WAVE Saber Alter

WAVE Beach Queenシーリズ – セイバー(fate/zero)の続き、オルタも11月末に発売になりました。私にとってBeach Queenの良さは造形だけでなく、あまり主張しない大きさ(1/10でしたけ?)が飾りやすい。多くは買うつもりはないけどね。

Following after Saber(fate/zero), WAVE Beach Queen Series Saber Alter also release in late November. As for me, Beach Queen series are quite nice not only for the sculpture, but also for the size(I believed its 1/10?) – not being too big or too assertive to be display in cabinet.