聖闘士聖衣神話 オピュクス シャイナ Saint Cloth Myth Ophiuchus Shaina

Ophiuchus Shaina

一年ぶりに聖闘士聖衣神話を買いました。バンダイさんがやっと女聖闘士をリリーズするから買わずにはいられない….って感じ^ ^。
Haven’t been buying Saint Cloth Myth for a year (and even I haven’t got any of the new EX series). Arrow

裏雪姫 Urayukihime



Urayukihime from Shining Hearts. Recently Kotobukiya’s speed of releasing products are extraordinarily fast!! Since the release of PSP Shining Hearts on December 2010, 5 or 6 figures have already been released! Maybe Kotobukiya would release all girl characters of this game sooner or later. Arrow

Sound of Destiny – 緒方理奈 Okata Rina

Okata Rina


Recently I have borrowed PS3’s White Album. The TV Animation was a bit…..well…..but the game was well made. It’s a remake of the original PC version, all the Graphic and illustration was renewed beautifully. Afterall, the story is much better than the TV Animation ^^; Arrow

夏・午後・瑠璃色の海 Summer, Afternoon, Azure (Ruri) Sea

「俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない」より黒猫こと五更瑠璃です。あまり水着フィギュアが好きじゃないけど、なぜかコレを見てみると愛しく思う、ついに買ってしまいました(汗)… せっかく買ったから、海で撮影できなくでも、フォトショップで合成してみます。

Kuroneko (Gokou Ruri) from “My little sister can’t be this cute”. Didn’t used to buy figures in swim suit, but this one is too cut to catch my attention, hence I bought it home without any consideration ^^;. It might be difficult to have a shooting at the beach, hence I do some Photoshop on it.


一番くじ 秋山澪 Mio Death Devil ver.

一番くじ 秋山澪 Death Devil
けいおん一番くじ2回目、B賞の秋山澪 Death Devil ver.です。劇中で数分間でしか出なく、さわ子先生の代役として結婚式パーティのステージ衣装です。歌も歌わなかったし、演奏さえもしなかったけど、Death Devilの公式イラストが格好良すぎてフィギュア化に選ばれたのかな。

This is the B prize of K-ON Ichibankuji 2nd stage, Mio Akiyama Death Devil ver. It only appeared in the TV episode for several minutes, acted as Death Devil in the wedding party of Swako Sensei’s classmate. Though haven’t sing and play in death devil style, the official illustration is too fantastic for makers to make it as figures. Arrow

ごはんはおかず!! 一番くじ けいおん!! “またまた学園祭!” Ichibankuji K-ON!! 2nd stage

けいおん!! 20話のライブシーンが商品化すること、夢にも思わなかった!


またフルコンプ買った? そんな設置スペース大丈夫か?

I can’t imagine that the live scene in K-ON!! #20 could have commercial release of figures.
Thought that nobody will release such thing, so I made it myself in figma…
Relly really thanks Banpresto for making them as Ichibankuji. I know I have to buy it once while I saw it on Dengeki Hobby!!
So today I have got set F and set I in K-ON!! Ichibankuji 2nd series, at a “cost” ^^;…. Arrow

My Soul, Your Beats! 天使 Tenshi

Angel Beats!
“Angel Beats!”より立華かなでちゃん。死後の世界で最初から敵キャラ「天使」として戦っていだけど実にメインヒロイン(!!)でした。Angel Beats!の立体物は他のアニメよりも少ない気がします…(っていうかエ◯ァ、フェ◯ト出過ぎ!! ^^;)

Tachibana Kanate from “Angel Beats!”. At the world of afterlife, acted as an “Angel(Tenshi)” to fight against the main characters…however she is the real heroine of the story!! Seems “Angel Beats!” didn’t have much figure products, and this is the very first PVC product of Tenshi. Arrow

Gift セイバーリリィ Saber Lily

Gift Saber Lily

Here comes the Saber Lily from Gift. Originated from GK released in Hobbycon GK 01 (2009) by Toda Satoshi of the Principality of Kagutsuchino, with arrangement and improvements before its re-release in PVC format. Arrow

遅すぎるレビュー… GSCセイバーリリィ〜勝利すべき黄金の劍〜 review: GSC Saber Lily – Caliburn

GSC Saber Lily


Its a very very late review of princess Lily… Its a product ordered during WF2010 Winter in February, and she arrived in August, but I am too tired to take photo of her and just put her on my display case. And now, its already October… Arrow