DDS 星井美希 (ライブステージ編) Hoshii Miki (Live Stage)

DDS 星井美希


I have neither played the game nor watched the animation of idolm@ster, but occasionally I will take a look at Hoshii Miki’s PVC figures and illustration (and which I didn’t own anyone of them either)…

Miki is not my fave character, but after having a look at everyone’s DD Miki photos, I started wanting her and finally caught her in auction^^; Well, let me introduce my newest Dollfie, Hoshii Miki.

I didn’t seems quite like the default dress of Miki, hence I just got her wig and the body. I also have the “Idol@school” outfit, and this became the default dress of her.
DDS 星井美希
DDS 星井美希

I tried to took some live-stage like photo this time. I used to make use of my TV or monitor as background, but this time I wish to have something different. Just think that if the way I shoot figma Saber with her V-max could be used to shoot DD or not, and I challenged it in dark with backlight.
DDS 星井美希
DDS 星井美希
DDS 星井美希
DDS 星井美希
DDS 星井美希

How was it? Maybe it would be better to add one or too lamp to make it more like a live-stage..
My next update would be sth like the Morning after live-stage XD.

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  1. お迎えおめでとうございます!

    • ヤマダさんありがとうございます!!

    • Thanks Otakusan!!!
      I always can’t go out for an outdoor shooting, hence always think for new ways to take photo at home…. glad that you like it.

  2. Congrats on getting Miki! You seem to be quite fond of elegant / graceful looking girls and idol, which I approve! ^^

    The lamp does fare well as spotlight, and perhaps indeed the more the better! It will also fit well to your high-key lighting photo style (I hope I got the term right as I’m an outsider to photography)!

    • Thanks Q! I seems have little resistance to those kind of character, and yet even lower resistance if they are in gold hair… ^^;
      I am also not quite into photography, hence I didn’t know much term either XD, but I tend to take photo with some backlight. Perhaps I need to get 1 or more lamp :D

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