Don’t say lazy – starring 秋山澪 Akiyama Mio

Don't Say Lazy - Mio

「けいおん」が好きになった原因とも言えるアニメ1期のED – Don’t say “lazy”。レトロでポップでカッコよく、秋山澪(日笠陽子)のボーカルも曲とすごく合ってるから、個人的では「けいおん」の中で一番好きな曲です。

The “Don’t say “lazy”” ED is one of the main reasons for me to start watching K-ON. Its pop, retro and cool. The melody matches with Akiyama Mio (Hikasa Yoko)’s voice, and its my favorite song among all K-ON songs.

Don't Say Lazy - Mio
Don't Say Lazy - Mio

以前、No, thank youとListen!!のDDドレスをなんとか揃えて撮影しましたけど、Lazyドレスも無論なんとしても手に入れたい。一番ほしいドレスなのにボークスが売ってそうもないから、いつも世話していた九雷さんを頼んで頼んで作ってくれました。忙しい間ながら作ってくれで、感謝しますm(_ _)m…これは今、うちの澪のデフォルトドレスですよ。

今回もED風のように撮影しました〜〜 すべてはGalleryで見えます。もし時間があったら上のボタンをクリックし、ご覧いただければ幸いです。映画版凄くみたいけど、こっちの上映は絶望的だから、BDやDVDを待つしかない…早く売ってくださいね京アニさん。

I have managed to find No, thank you and Listen!! outfits piece by piece, and of course I want Lazy’s dress badly. Seems Volks are not able to (and not intended to) release K-ON ED clothes, I ask my friend Kurai to help me on this. Thankfully she is able to spare sometime for my Mio dress, and it have became the default dress for her ^^

I also tried some photos represents those scenes in the ED. Please click the gallery button and have a look if you have time. Well…it seems that the movie may not be on show here….see when will we have luck to have BD or DVD sooner…

Please browse here for the full PV scene:

Please don’t say “You are lazy”
本能に従順 忠実 翻弄も重々承知


ヤバ爪割れた グルーで補修した
大事なのは自分 かわいがること
自分を愛さなきゃ 他人も愛せない

Please don’t say “You are lazy”
想像に一生懸命 現実は絶体絶命

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  1. おぉ!すげー!ほんものだっ!

    、、、なんか凄いばっか言ってるしwwヽ( ・∀・)ノ

    • ヤマダさんありがとう!!
      やっと3つのけいおんEDもDDで再現できた〜唯紬律いないと一部の写真が少し寂しく見えるかもね^ ^;

  2. Whoa this is a really great replication of Mio in her 1st ED outfit and the “PV” that goes along with it!

    Big thumbs up for Kurai on the outfit and you for the photos and edits~ So this is how you got into K-On! I… I have actually yet to start watching the series so I can’t make a comment about the actual series itself orz

    I think there is a chance that we will get to see the movie on something like J2 or Animax eventually, but that may be after BD or DVD release. Too bad anime movies are hard to come by on cinemas, but perhaps they will get more on like the limited time events for a series of anime movies in the past year or two.

    • Thanks Q!!! If you have time, do have a try on this Animation!
      Its a funny anime for relaxing :D
      Maybe I will grab a BD from once its available. Can’t wait to watch the movie!!