figma改造 – 俺の後輩がこんなに可愛いわけがない figma mod – kuroneko (Gokou Ruri)

figma kuroneko

Haven’t been modding figma for a while, and this time I tried to make Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko) from Oreimo. I like the gothic lolita clothing of the original figma Kuroneko, but I also wish to have Comike ver. and high-school ver. as well, hence I try to mod them together.

figma kuroneko
figma kuroneko
figma kuroneko
figma kuroneko
figma kuroneko

figma黒猫がコスロリver.だったけど、上着なし夏コミver.も、高校生ver.も欲しいから一気に作っちゃいました^^。作りかたがfg  flickrで公開しましたので、興味ある方がそちらにもよろしくお願いします。


Comike ver is basically cut and polish from the original ver., and I used Putty to make the Blouse. The arms are from figma Haruhi secondary school ver., with the sleeve cut away.

For the high school ver., I use figma Azusa’s body as the base, and use figma Yui’s cloth which looks more thin and tight. (and I am glad that I haven’t throw the parts away after the previous mod…^^;). With some adjustment on the width of shoulder and the length of cloth, and also cut the nekomimi of the head part, I re-paint the uniform and her eyes, and its finished.

It took me around 2 weeks to finish this mod, and I am waiting for the Kamineko and display all of them together^^

figma kuroneko

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  1. Just finished watching True Route last night, so I finally get to see what Kuroneko looks like in school uniform.

    Glad to see that you went back to figma modding with some very convincing and impressive results~ It’s good to know that you’ve kept the ‘leftovers’ from previous moddings ^^

    Btw where does Kamineko come from exactly? Is it some original costume that simply does not appear from other media or from the novel itself?

    • Thanks Q!!
      Kamineko come from novel #8, when Kuroneko date with “Onisan”, she dressed up in white, and called herself “Kamineko”^^ I hope there will be animation season 2 or just OVA or sth. really want to continue to watch the story in motion!

  2. Wah~ she looks stunning! If I didn’t know better I would have said she was an official figma. xD You’re so lucky to be able to make such great custom figmas

    • Thanks Clarie!!
      I am glad that Ruri looks like an official figma, though I really wish a commerical release of Gokou Ruri in whatever format^^