06子がフェイトの衣装を着たら… When 06-chan wears Fate’s costume…

06 Fate


My friend wish to have a look for 06-chan cosplay as Fate T. Harlaown, so I let her to try it on today.This is “When 06-chan wears 〇〇’s costume…” part 2! Is it good?


アルティメットまどか Ultimate Madoka

Ultimate Madoka


GSC’s 1/8 Ultimate Madoka is such a beautiful piece of work. Maybe it should be called as sculpture instead of figure XD


AGP MS少女 ウィングゼロ MS Girl Wing Gundam Zero EW

MS Girl Wing Zero

バンダイのAGP(Armor Girls Prjoect)第2弾のウィング ガンダムEWです。明貴美加氏のイラストより商品化したものです。小さい頃MS少女のイラストとガレージキットを見て、まさに衝撃を受けた。確かに80年代から始まったものだけど、今になってやっと可動フィギュア化ですね。感激感激。

The 2nd release of Bandai’s AGP(Armor Girls Project), Wing Gundam EW. Based on the illustration from Akitaka Mika, who is a famous character and mechanic designer. I remembered that I was shocked while I some illustration and GK of MS girls when I was small. Well its started from 80s, and finally it is released in action figure format!


ねんどろいど ぱんにゃ&乾紗凪 Nendoroid Pannya & Inui Sana

Nendoroid Inui Sana


Nendoroid Inui Sana from Mashiroiro Symphony. Actually I bought this because of Pannya ^^; Well Pannya is too cute for its own good~~ I really want DD Amaha Miu………’s Pannya.


黒猫 – 白猫ver. Kuroneko – Shironeko ver.


コミック「俺の後輩はこんなに可愛いわけがない」#1 特装版つきの黒猫フィギュア – 白猫ver.です。いつも黒いドレスに纏った邪気眼少女の白い格好、ちょっと新鮮。

The Shironeko figure comes from the special edition of Oreimo’s spin-off comic – “My junior can’t be this cute #1”. It looks quite refreshing for the jakigan girl who always in her darkness style, wearing a white dress.


Gift セイバーエクストラ Saber Extra

Gift Saber Extra


1:8 Scale Saber Extra release by Gift, sculpted by Toda Satoshi of the Principality of Kagutsuchino. This is the 5th release of the fate series, right after Saber Alter, Saber, Lily, and Dark Sakura.


サクヤさん、お迎えしました。Sakuya’s arrival.

DD Sakuya


Sakuya-san arrived. She came from the game Shining Hearts / Shining Blade created by SEGA. She is my 3rd DD in this year ^^; right after Saber Extra and Lucy.
Well…I really like those heroines with dignified characters. Arrow

高坂桐乃&黒猫お座りVer. Kirino & Kuroneko sitting ver.



Kousaka Kirino and Kuroneo’s 1:8 scale figure from Oreimo. This pair of figure was one release as garage kit sculpted by Chizuru from Turu no Yakata. I have been keeping an eye on the GK once I saw it from event photos, and I have been dreaming for a release in PVC format. It was WAVE who made this come true! Though it seems to be a bit expensive, I am happy to pre-order it!!  Arrow

ブロク移行顛末、そしてようこそ。Blog migration and, Welcome!


Sometimes, Apple would kill old services without any hesitation.
Moving from mobile.me to iCloud, services like “Gallery” and “Web hosting” were being left out in the transition, and both of them will be terminated by 30 June 2012. I have been using Apple’s web service for almost a decade, and I love it much. To me, its a bit complicated for a change. Arrow