一番くじ 秋山澪 Mio Death Devil ver.

一番くじ 秋山澪 Death Devil
けいおん一番くじ2回目、B賞の秋山澪 Death Devil ver.です。劇中で数分間でしか出なく、さわ子先生の代役として結婚式パーティのステージ衣装です。歌も歌わなかったし、演奏さえもしなかったけど、Death Devilの公式イラストが格好良すぎてフィギュア化に選ばれたのかな。

This is the B prize of K-ON Ichibankuji 2nd stage, Mio Akiyama Death Devil ver. It only appeared in the TV episode for several minutes, acted as Death Devil in the wedding party of Swako Sensei’s classmate. Though haven’t sing and play in death devil style, the official illustration is too fantastic for makers to make it as figures. Arrow

HDDが逝ってしまった、そして… HDD is…dead…..

07年買った500GBのLaCieゴールデンディスクが…昨日逝ってしまった (ノд・。) グスン…..

I got LaCie 500GB Golden Disk in 2007, and its………..dead yesterday ;_;
Love the case design much and got it for a not so cost-effective price. Never imagine that it will die in 4 years… Arrow

ごはんはおかず!! 一番くじ けいおん!! “またまた学園祭!” Ichibankuji K-ON!! 2nd stage

けいおん!! 20話のライブシーンが商品化すること、夢にも思わなかった!


またフルコンプ買った? そんな設置スペース大丈夫か?

I can’t imagine that the live scene in K-ON!! #20 could have commercial release of figures.
Thought that nobody will release such thing, so I made it myself in figma…
Relly really thanks Banpresto for making them as Ichibankuji. I know I have to buy it once while I saw it on Dengeki Hobby!!
So today I have got set F and set I in K-ON!! Ichibankuji 2nd series, at a “cost” ^^;…. Arrow

ベアブリック Be@rbrick Series 22

be@rbrick series 22

Be@rbrick Series 22 just released and I have picked up some of them. Regular series have been released twice a year, so it have been a 10-year series until now. And Medicom toy also celebrated their 15th Anniversary this year. Arrow

ねんどろいどリエラ Nendoroid Riela

Nendoroid Riela


Nendoroid Riela from Valkyria Chronicles III.
Have been busy recently so this time only have 1 photo….
Haven’t got time to play the game, but have been reading magazines articles of VC3 and Riela and seems being attracted by her character ^^; and this nendo is quite a nice piece to have.
Well…Nendoroid is ….a bit “terrible”. Cute but not too expensive, small and space-friendly. After all buying Cute Nendos seems becoming a habit…

My Soul, Your Beats! 天使 Tenshi

Angel Beats!
“Angel Beats!”より立華かなでちゃん。死後の世界で最初から敵キャラ「天使」として戦っていだけど実にメインヒロイン(!!)でした。Angel Beats!の立体物は他のアニメよりも少ない気がします…(っていうかエ◯ァ、フェ◯ト出過ぎ!! ^^;)

Tachibana Kanate from “Angel Beats!”. At the world of afterlife, acted as an “Angel(Tenshi)” to fight against the main characters…however she is the real heroine of the story!! Seems “Angel Beats!” didn’t have much figure products, and this is the very first PVC product of Tenshi. Arrow

Gift セイバーリリィ Saber Lily

Gift Saber Lily

Here comes the Saber Lily from Gift. Originated from GK released in Hobbycon GK 01 (2009) by Toda Satoshi of the Principality of Kagutsuchino, with arrangement and improvements before its re-release in PVC format. Arrow

Mio, Yui, Mio…

Mio, Yui, Mio
Mio, Yui, Mio


今回はあまりいい写真を撮れなかったって感じ。どれも普通すぎてインパクトが欠けている… 外撮りの経験不足?天気に恵まれない?体調が悪い?力不足勉強不足?わからない。全部かも… Arrow

ワンホビ13フォトコンの賞品、届きました! Prize Arrival for WonHobby 13 Photo Contest.

WonHobby13 Prize
改めでみなさんに、ありがとうございます。 すごく感謝してます。海外にいる私に賞品を送ってくれたスタッフ様、大変お世話になります。
The present for gold price of Wonhobby 13 photo contest have just arrived today.
Once again thanks for the support for all of you.
Also thank to staff of GSC and Max Factory who arrange overseas delivery of the present to me m(_ _)m Arrow