figma ゼノサーガ Xenosaga ep3 KOS-MOS ver.4

figma Kos-Mos ver.4
figma KOS-MOS ver.4買ってきました。

I’m able to get figma KOS-MOS ver.4 in a “normal price” finally. Recently its really hard to grab new figures without pre-order, especially for those figma, nendo and Chokoukin hot items….may consider to pre-order everything else that I want….or even seems to want… Arrow

ANA x ユニコーンガンダム Unicorn Gundam

ANA x Gundam Unicorn
ANA × GUNDAM SKYプロジェクトによるANAオリジナルカラーVer.ガンプラ、第3回の応募はユニコーンガンダムです。前回の00ライザーがスルーしたけど、青いユニコーンが綺麗すぎてまた買っちゃいました^^

The blue colour Gundam Unicorn, from the 3rd time of in-flight order of ANA original color Gunpla from ANA x GUNDAM SKY project. I have skipped the previous 00-raiser, but the I like the coloring of the Blue Unicorn very much, hence difficult to resist ^^ Arrow

ソニーα55 ミニチュア Mini Sony Alpha A55

ミニチュア α55

台湾ソニーのノベルティで、α55を買ったらもらえるらしい。以前、香港ではキャノンEOS 5D mark 2のノベルティUSB メモリーも出たけど、やっぱりαユーザーとしてはαのミニチュアが一番ほしい….という訳て友人を頼んで台湾のオクで入手しました^^

This is a mini Sony Alpha A55, which is a gift item of Sony Taiwan, for whom purchasing a real A55.
Last year, Canon HK also released min EOS 5D mark 2 as gift for their customers. As a Sony Alpha user, I wish to have a mini Alpha much more than a EOS, and hence asked for help from friends to bid in auction at Taiwan. Arrow

当たらなければどうということはない! It doesn’t matter how powerful you are if you can’t hit me!

HG Unicorn & Sinanju Titanium Finished

MGシナンジュ チタニウムフィニッシュは綺麗だけど値段は….

After I watched Gundam UC, I really wish to build Gunpla Sinanju.
Full Frontal & Sinanju are very cool. Ikeda shuichi’s voice acting Full Frontal, saying “Who cares as long as it is not hit!”…… It seems to me that he is the real Char!
MG Sinanju Titanium Finished is beautiful, but the price was a bit… I decided to buy HGUC ver. Arrow

ねんぷち レーシングミクセット2010 ver. NendoPetit Racing Miku 2010

Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku 2010

今回は11月発送されたレーシングミクsetです。レーシングミクのデザインはWorld is mineのredjuiceさんによるものです。笑顔も魅力的、コスチュームもポップとキュートで気に入ります。

Haven’t open much of my figures since last year…
Well…figure boxes became larger and larger in recent years. I understand its for protection, but…if only if it could be made smaller and more eco-friendly, it would be nice..
Here comes the Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku set 2010ver. Character design by the famous “World is mine” illustrator redjuice. The smile face is charming, and the costume is pop and cute to me. Arrow

日本の地震と津波と… Earthquakes & Tsunami in Japan, and….

聞いてるだけて怖い、 聞いてるだけて悲しくなります。



HG ガンダム00クアンタ フルセイバー Gundam 00Q Full Saber

HG Gundam 00Q Full-Saber

久しぶりにガンプラを作りました。今回はHobby Japan #500付録のGNソードIV フルセイバーです。


Haven’t make Gunpla for a long time, and here comes the HG Gundam 00Q Full Saber! Its a [if] story of Gundam 00 the movie, if Setsuna choose to fight against ELS instead of to communicate with them….its seems that Setsuna and 00Q could destroy all ELS in a week, but its another story that we couldn’t seen at all. Arrow

ねんどろいどぷち なのはとフェイト Last Scene ver. Nendoroid Petit Nanoha and Fate

Nendoroid Petit Nanoha & Fate

映画版なのは、良かったね。作画もいいし、バトルシーンもスピーディでカッコいいし、なのはの魔王ふり(笑)もさらに増幅だったし、1st Seasonを2時間以内で綺麗にまとめる。

Nanoha’s Movie was good. Quality of Illustration are high, and battle scenes are quite speedy. Nanoha’s move was as usual…….very very strong and terrible ^^. 1st season’s scenes are well organized in a 2-hour movie. Arrow

ワンホビ13フォトコン、 受賞しました。




My photo “!” been awarded for the first runner-up in Wonderful Hobby Life for You 13 photo contest held by Max Factory and Goodsmile company on Wonderful Festival 2011 winter.

I though have been try all my best to produce this shoot, but really really never imagine it could won such a prize. I must say THANK YOU to you all who like my photo, and support me in the contest. Arrow