SONYカメラ ミニチュア Camera miniature

Sony Camera Miniature

SONY HK organized SONY Festival 2012 from 4-7 October. There is a small gift for SONY members when they come to the venue. It was gashapon capsules for Bravia, Camera or Vaio notebook miniatures. With the help from my friends, I am able to collect the 3 types of cameras(α77, RX-100 and NEX-7).


The α77 and NEX-7 miniature seems to be the same as those gifts from αCafe. The RX-100 seems to be a new one.
Sony Camera Miniature

The back. Though the quality can’t compare with the “ultimate” miniature α55 from SONY Taiwan, they are still well sclupted.
Sony Camera Miniature

The lens are be detecthable.
Sony Camera Miniature

オルタさんに持たせてみました(着替えなくでゴメンナサイ…)。カメラCM出演する気分( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Tried a few shoots with DD Alter (sorry for the outfit being the same…). Does she looks like shooting SONY advertisements?( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
All are great cameras…yet I wish to have one for myself… Actually when will NEX-9 released?!
Sony Camera Miniature
Sony Camera Miniature
Sony Camera Miniature
Sony Camera Miniature

SONY festival 2012 was great. There were display for newly released 84 inch 4k Bravia, testdrives for α99 and the new HUD, as well as auction. Regretted that there are no RX-1 for trial, and only a dismantled sample was shown. At the venue, there were staffs in Yukata, Samurai and maid as well.. its quite…..well…I don’t know what to say but I haven’t took any photos. Anyway my mission is completed XD

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    • Thanks Aya. The size is perfect for DD. I really wish SONY could produce more types of camera miniatures in the future!

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