Sound of Destiny – 緒方理奈 Okata Rina

Okata Rina


Recently I have borrowed PS3’s White Album. The TV Animation was a bit…..well…..but the game was well made. It’s a remake of the original PC version, all the Graphic and illustration was renewed beautifully. Afterall, the story is much better than the TV Animation ^^; Arrow

遅すぎるレビュー… GSCセイバーリリィ〜勝利すべき黄金の劍〜 review: GSC Saber Lily – Caliburn

GSC Saber Lily


Its a very very late review of princess Lily… Its a product ordered during WF2010 Winter in February, and she arrived in August, but I am too tired to take photo of her and just put her on my display case. And now, its already October… Arrow