WAVE セイバーリリィ Saber Lily

WAVE Saber Lily
WAVE Beach Queenシーリズのセイバーリリィです。Type-moon ACEの中の一枚挿絵が、4つのフィギュアになりました…セイバーって恐ろしいものですね。これで5人のセイバーが全員揃い、私は水着フィギュアから身を引けるはず(笑)。
This is Saber Lily from WAVE Beach Queen series. Starting from an illustration on Type-moon ACE magazine, 4 figures have been produced… Saber is just terrific! So I have all 5 Sabers in swimsuit, so I can get rid of purchasing swimsuit figures from now on ^^/


壽屋 セイバー・リリィさん Kotobukiya Saber Lily-san

Saber Lily-san
I decided not to make Kotobukiya’s kit at least for a while… Saber Lily-san’s box art is so cute that I can’t resist to take it home. Well its quite a pity if I left the box unopened.


セイバーたちのクリスマスパーティ Saber’s Christmas Party

Sabers' X'mas

Christmas is coming.
What would Sabers were while going to party?
It seems that I like party dresses more than those elegant classical dresses ^^
Have been received Night blue Dress Set in late November… and its time to open it for Saber. Does she looks pretty? Arrow

ソニーNEX-3 ミニチュア Mini Sony NEX-3

Saber Lily / NEX-3 Mini

This is a give for NEX-3/5 users by SONY Taiwan. Every I just wonder if local SONY stores have these kind of campaign but finally end up in asking help from my friend to get it from auction… Arrow

夏のひと時 A moment in summer

DD Yukata
日本の夏が大好きです。花火大会もあるし、祭りもあります。 空もキレイし、かき氷も食べられます。何度も夏の日本へ行く事があって、夏の風物詩を楽しんできました。

I love the summer of Japan. Beautiful Sky, Delicious food, Fireworks, Omatsuri… have had been to Japan in summer for several times, and all these are very enjoyable. Arrow

Gift セイバーリリィ Saber Lily

Gift Saber Lily

Here comes the Saber Lily from Gift. Originated from GK released in Hobbycon GK 01 (2009) by Toda Satoshi of the Principality of Kagutsuchino, with arrangement and improvements before its re-release in PVC format. Arrow

セイバーリリィ迎えた。 DD Saber Lily

DD Saber Lily

I have been waiting for 2 years since I adopt DD Saber Alter. And Now, Volks finally released Saber Lily!!!This time I have take much photos, and please visit my photo gallery if you have time. Arrow

遅すぎるレビュー… GSCセイバーリリィ〜勝利すべき黄金の劍〜 review: GSC Saber Lily – Caliburn

GSC Saber Lily


Its a very very late review of princess Lily… Its a product ordered during WF2010 Winter in February, and she arrived in August, but I am too tired to take photo of her and just put her on my display case. And now, its already October… Arrow