WAVE セイバー (fate/zero) @プールサイド Saber@pool side

WAVE Saber (fate/zero)
WAVEのBeach Queenシーリズよりfate/zeroのセイバーさんです。前回のセイバーエクストラと同じく、これも武内崇氏のイラストを忠実に立体化したフィギュアです。プールから上がった時みたいなポーシングなので、水を霧吹きでかけ撮影してみました。

Saber (fate/zero) of WAVE’s Beach Queen series. Same as Saber Extra last time, this figure is also based on Takeuchi Takashi’s illustration. Seems it’s a posture like just after a swim in the pool, I try to spray some water on the figure before taking photos.

Saber just like wearing a racing swimsuit. Sharing the same emblem with her armour, the swimsuit is blue in color with gold lines as accent.
WAVE Saber (fate/zero)

The towel could be taken away. Not only for the body-line viewing from her back, the whole silhouette were beautifully sculpted. Instead of being sexy, Saber looks smart and “handsome” XD. I am not used to buy figures in swimsuits, but its my 3rd Saber swimsuit figure… the next one will be Saber Alter XD.
WAVE Saber (fate/zero)

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  1. perfect selection of background, and the add water drops makes this even a better photo. And I also believe this is one of the best BQ made so far… The pose and use of one piece swimsuit not only does it not over emphasis “selling sex” but it has maintained all the right curves of this figure. Great photo as always Yui-san & cheers to WAVE for producing this in the saber line-up. (^^)b

    • Thanks Otakusan~!!
      This BQ is far better than Saber Extra and Saber (fate/SN)! The QC also appears to be perfect. I hope WAVE could keep on this standard and produce a perfect Saber Alter and Lily for us XD

  2. Love the way you added splashes of water on the figure, making Saber looks as if she just came out of the water after a bit of a swim and just about to dry herself off!

    Swimsuits can reflect on the personality of characters sometimes (not that I’m an expert on this aspect!); having Saber Nero comparing with this Saber will definitely show the differences miles away!

    • Thanks Q!!
      This is my new try on shooting pvc and hope this looks natural.
      WAVE is now a specialist for swimsuit PVC XD. Its interesting that when we have a look on the whole lineup, all of them seems never share the same style of swimsuit. It does reflect the character’s own personality!!

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