AGP MS少女 ユニコーンガンダム | MS Girl Unicorn Gundam

There were no new product for the AGP(Armor Girls Project) MS Girl for a long while, and here comes the new MS Girl – Gundam Unicorn. The choice is really so…”Bandai style” – though armor parts and transformation gimmicks are complicated in design and sculpturing, once finished, it could be applied to different color variations. Weapons are seems to be in common size as Robot Tamashii, for a good cost-saving:D


AGP MS少女 ウィングゼロ MS Girl Wing Gundam Zero EW

MS Girl Wing Zero

バンダイのAGP(Armor Girls Prjoect)第2弾のウィング ガンダムEWです。明貴美加氏のイラストより商品化したものです。小さい頃MS少女のイラストとガレージキットを見て、まさに衝撃を受けた。確かに80年代から始まったものだけど、今になってやっと可動フィギュア化ですね。感激感激。

The 2nd release of Bandai’s AGP(Armor Girls Project), Wing Gundam EW. Based on the illustration from Akitaka Mika, who is a famous character and mechanic designer. I remembered that I was shocked while I some illustration and GK of MS girls when I was small. Well its started from 80s, and finally it is released in action figure format!