DDセイバー Saber (fate/zero)

DD Saber fate/zero
Last year, King Arthur didn’t have a presence in this blog. Saber in her black suit in fate/zero was strong, elegant and beautiful. Saber is always with her armor, but its not bad for her styling in suit. I got something like her wig and suit months ago, but I could only squeeze some time for fixing the wig and remake her tie till last week…


WAVE セイバー (fate/zero) @プールサイド Saber@pool side

WAVE Saber (fate/zero)
WAVEのBeach Queenシーリズよりfate/zeroのセイバーさんです。前回のセイバーエクストラと同じく、これも武内崇氏のイラストを忠実に立体化したフィギュアです。プールから上がった時みたいなポーシングなので、水を霧吹きでかけ撮影してみました。

Saber (fate/zero) of WAVE’s Beach Queen series. Same as Saber Extra last time, this figure is also based on Takeuchi Takashi’s illustration. Seems it’s a posture like just after a swim in the pool, I try to spray some water on the figure before taking photos.


ex:ride セイバー・モータード・キュイラッシェ Saber Motored Cuirassier

Saber Motored Cuirassier

I don’t even have a place for 1/8 Saber Motored Cuirassier, but I could still managed some for ex:ride series in figma size. Though it turns out in a size bigger than what I have been expected ^^;


figmaセイバー/ヤマハVMAX Saber / Yamaha VMAX

figma Saber / VMAX
アニメのfate/zeroが一段落だけど、商品がまだまだこれからですね。グッスマのセイバー・モータード・キュイラッシェがものすごく欲しいけど飾る場所がなくて泣く泣く見送し、代わりに一回小さいのfigma ver.を予約しました。ついてに原作で活躍したVMAXも欲しくなります(笑)。ちょうどアオシマさんが1/12のVMAXをセイバーパッケージとして再販し、迷わず買って挑戦しました。
Animation fate/zero ended, but a lot related products are scheduled to be release soon. I was once wish to purchase GSC’s Motored Cuirassier, but ended up in ordering figma sized ver.. Instead, It would be nice to have a VMAX too. It just happened for Aoshima to re-issue 1/12 VMAX with Saber package, hence I decided to challenge to build my first Motorbike plastic kit.