ねんどろいど レーシングミク2012 Nendoroid Racing Miku 2012

nendoroid racing miku

Nendoroid Racing Miku 2012 have just release last week. Time flies like an arrow..I though I had just took pictures for Nendoroid Racing Miku 2011, but while I search my previous post, it was almost a year before^^|||


ミクパ香港行ってきました。Mikupa Hong Kong 2012.

Mikupa HK 2012
On 2 October, Mikupa was held in Hong Kong. There isn’t much chance to have such event here, hence I try my best to get my ticket for the Mikupa HK. Let’s have a simple report with little photos here.


ファミファミファミ〜マ ファミファミマ~♪ FamilyMart Miku

FamilyMart Miku
うちのPVCスケールフィギュア最高額値段、絶賛更新中(汗)… 普通の一番くじならこっちの店は売ってるけど、ファミマ限定くじでは無理みたいです。つまりオクでしか入手できない…それでも欲しがる自分はどうかしています^^;

FamilyMart limited Happy Kuji (lucky draw) Hatsune Miku A prize – FamilyMart uniform Miku figure.
The record of highest price of PVC in my collection have been broken..again by this Miku. Ordinary Ichiban Kuji could be easily found in local stores, but FamilyMart happy kuji didn’t appeared in anywhere else, which means I have no choice but Yahoo Auction. Though it is hard, I seems haven’t been discouraged from getting this piece of over-priced figure ^^;


初音ミク5周年、そして… Hatsune Miku 5th Anniversary

Hatsune Miku

Yesterday was 5th Anniversary of VOCALOID software – Hatsune Miku. I like the concept of “Hatsune Miku” much. A singing synthesizer application; a virtual Idol; a character, and a singer. Everything combined into a platform for creation. Creators come together to produce things they want, impressing and touching people’s heart. Sometimes, I really wish to join this community of creation, and to shape Miku together with them.


ねんどろいどぷち レーシングミク2011セット Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku 2011 set

Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku 2011
Here comes the Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku 2011 set. Unlike those racing Miku nendoroid and figma which was released as sponsor item, you could purchase this wallet-friendly set in normal way.


06子が初音ミクの衣装を着たら… When 06-chan wears Miku costume…

DD Hatsune Miku


Have received Volks’s DDH-06 last month, but I can’t think of the way of shaping her character, so left her in box for the whole month. Why not giving a try on Miku’s costume? Arrow

優勝おめでとう!! Congratulations!! Good Smile Racing

nendoroid racing miku 2011

レーシングってそれほど興味がないけど、ミクZ4がカッコいいし、今年のRQミクさんも可愛いから、ねんどろいどとfigmaを貰えるスポンサープランを参加することになにました。デザインがほんとにいいですね。2009 / 2010のも可愛いけど今年のは一番気に入りかも!
Congratulations to GoodSmile Racing for the GT300 Class 2011 Championship!!
I am not much into Racing, but Miku Z4 is very attractive and smart, and the design of Miku RQ 2011 is so cute that I have joined Nendoroid and figma sponsors plan! And seems I like 2011’s design most ^^ Arrow

私なりの初音ミク My approach to DD Hatsune Miku

DD Hatsune Miku

以前World is Mine風のミクドレスをDDフェイトちゃんに着ました。九雷さんが作ったあのドレスが凄く気に入って、しばらくフェイトちゃんが”世界一番の姫様”になってもらいました。でも、やっぱりミクのドレスが欲しかったね。5月、偶然にオクでシンプル的のミク風DDドレスセットを落札し、私のミクプロジェクト一年ふりに再開!

Miku Dollfie. As Volks, Azone and other doll makers haven’t make an official Miku, to make, and to custom a Miku doll might become an endless assignment for much of doll owners.

Months before, I have posted some photo in figure.fm for my Fate cos-playing World is mine Miku. The dress was made by Kurai and I love that much. However I still tempted to have an original Miku dress after reading blogs of doll owners around the world. I still want to have mine. In May 2011, I got a simple Miku Doll dress from auction, hence I start my Miku DD project again! Arrow

ねんぷち レーシングミクセット2010 ver. NendoPetit Racing Miku 2010

Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku 2010

今回は11月発送されたレーシングミクsetです。レーシングミクのデザインはWorld is mineのredjuiceさんによるものです。笑顔も魅力的、コスチュームもポップとキュートで気に入ります。

Haven’t open much of my figures since last year…
Well…figure boxes became larger and larger in recent years. I understand its for protection, but…if only if it could be made smaller and more eco-friendly, it would be nice..
Here comes the Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku set 2010ver. Character design by the famous “World is mine” illustrator redjuice. The smile face is charming, and the costume is pop and cute to me. Arrow