EXQフィギュア~渋谷凛~ | EXQ Figure Shibuya Rin

バンプレストよりアイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ EXQフィギュア~渋谷凛~になります。モバマスのSR+イラスト、[シルバースピリット]渋谷凛+を元に立体化されたものです。

The EXQ prize Figure IdolM@ster Cinderella Girls -Shibuya Rin- by Banpresto. The figure is based on SR+ card illustration [Silver Spirit] Shibuya Rin+ from the game mobamas. I really had no idea why Banpresto choose this one from a bunch of Rin’s SR card, until I realised that Rin’s story was the final episode of Cinderella Girls Gekijou XD (Sep 2018)


プライズ〜けいおん5thあにばーさり | Prize K-ON 5th Anniversary

“K-ON!5th Anniversary♪” SQ Prize figure from Banpresto. Its already five years after the broadcasting of TV Animation…are there still many K-ON fans around the world? At least one of them is still here and waiting for the new K-ON movie(if any^^;). Recently there are Ichiban Kuji figures and Prize figures released; the 5th anniversary memorial scale figures will also be release next year. Seems K-ON’s products won’t stop for a while?!