Fate / yukata night

Fate/stay night原作発売されてから今年で10年目。ufotableによる『Fate/stay night』の2度目の映像化決定され、セイバーたちの人気はまだまだ続きそうですね。Fateキャラ、特にセイバーの完成品フィギュアは今何体あるのかもはや把握できいほど多くリリースされましたけど、浴衣姿の立体物は今回で初めてです。実はセイバー、イリヤスフィールと遠坂凛で終わると思ったけど、間桐櫻とセイバーオルタまでリリースされるFREEingさんに感謝です。
This year is the 10th Anniversary of “Fate/stay night”. Anime studio ufotable’s version of TV animation will be on air in this fall, and popularity of Saber and friends still continues. Fate’s figures are released in non-stop manner, but this is the first time for characters in Yukata style. Just worry about the series will stop after releasing Saber, Illyasviel and Tousaka Rin, thanks to figure maker FREEing for completing the series with Matou Sakura and Saber Alter.


曇ったり、晴れたり。Sometimes Cloudy, sometimes sunny.

It have been always rainy and cloudy in May 2013. It wasn’t rained heavily last Sunday, hence I had an outdoor DD shooting session with my friends. We went to Inspiration Lake near HK Disneyland, while we arrived, though there are little sunshine, the color of the sky wasn’t that good..


いつも何かを食べてるセイバーオルタさん Saber Alter always eating something…

WAVE Saber Alter

WAVE Beach Queenシーリズ – セイバー(fate/zero)の続き、オルタも11月末に発売になりました。私にとってBeach Queenの良さは造形だけでなく、あまり主張しない大きさ(1/10でしたけ?)が飾りやすい。多くは買うつもりはないけどね。

Following after Saber(fate/zero), WAVE Beach Queen Series Saber Alter also release in late November. As for me, Beach Queen series are quite nice not only for the sculpture, but also for the size(I believed its 1/10?) – not being too big or too assertive to be display in cabinet.


ボークス6月新作ドレス(その1) Volks June New Outfit (1)

Saber Alter
Volks June New Outfit – Boyish Set with Denim Hat. It is actually a dressset for SD, but seems DD could use it too. I am not afraid of any stains (lie)… well this time I ask Saber Alter to wear it.


セイバーオルタ2nd…..のドレス Saber Alter 2nd…………’s outfit

 DD Saber Alter 2nd


I was once decided to have twin Saber Alter with Alter 2nd, but something BIG happened from Volks that made me change my plan…well, at least I have the new wig, dress and dark exclibur. Arrow

セイバーたちのクリスマスパーティ Saber’s Christmas Party

Sabers' X'mas

Christmas is coming.
What would Sabers were while going to party?
It seems that I like party dresses more than those elegant classical dresses ^^
Have been received Night blue Dress Set in late November… and its time to open it for Saber. Does she looks pretty? Arrow

夏のひと時 A moment in summer

DD Yukata
日本の夏が大好きです。花火大会もあるし、祭りもあります。 空もキレイし、かき氷も食べられます。何度も夏の日本へ行く事があって、夏の風物詩を楽しんできました。

I love the summer of Japan. Beautiful Sky, Delicious food, Fireworks, Omatsuri… have had been to Japan in summer for several times, and all these are very enjoyable. Arrow

figma Saber Alter セイバーオルタ

figma Saber Alter


実はFate/Stay NightのオルタよりFate / hollow Ataraxiaのオルタが好み。黒くて、暴君らしくて、コスロリでジャンクフートが大好きなHollowのオルタさん。いつfigmaをリリースしてくれるかな。

次はfigma Saber Extra。楽しみにしています。 Arrow