RGガンダム/シャア専用ザク Gundam Docks at Hong Kong ver.

7月にGundam Docks at Hong Kongで購入したガンプラ〜RGガンダム・RGシャア専用ザク、やっと完成しました。実はシャア専用ザクを作るのは今回で初めてです!いつもガンダム系のを作ったけど、ザク系のガンプラは逆に新鮮です。
Just finished the RG Gundam and Char’s Zaku which I bought from the Gundam Docks at Hong Kong in late July. Nearly all of my Gunpla are Gundam-type, and this is my first Char’s Zaku Gunpla.


3倍速の3DS買いました。 Purchased a three times faster 3DS.

Char 3DS
モンハンのために3DS買うものか!と意地をはった結末、シャアver.を買ってしまった….(>ヘ<)゚ ゜。 自分用のクリスマスプレゼントにします(言い訳)。

“I won’t buy 3DS because of Monster Hunter”….well…I lost. I just bought Limited edition of 3DS G Generation with Char ver. 3DS for my own Christmas present LOL…
I failed to resist from the lineup of great games and wanted to play Mario, G Generation, Miku, FF (music) and Monster Hunter as well. Have been planned to buy PSVita, but it seems that I could wait for while for color variations and release of good games. Arrow