Figure-rise LABO 初音ミクV4X | Hatsune Miku V4X

Figure-rise LABOの最新作、初音ミクV4Xです。
Haven’t been so excited for a new plastic model like this. It does not have numerous parts, nor shinny metallic coating. It’s just something I would like to open, and to make it as soon as possible. It’s the new product from Figure-rise LABO series, Hatsune Miku V4X.


超合金 セイバー Chougokin Saber

これは何体目のセイバーなんだろう…もう数えない。fate/zeroのTVシーリズは一年前に終わったけど、関連商品の発売がまったく止まれない。今月はまた一つのセイバーフィギュアが発売されました – バンダイより超合金セイバーです。
I really can’t count how many Saber figures are there in my display case. fate/zero TV series ended a year before, but its products have never stopped. There is yet another Saber figure released on February – the Chougoukin Saber from Bandai.


SDX キングガンダムII世 King Gundam II

SDX King Gundam II


SDX King Gundam II from Bandai Tamashii Webstore. While the product itself was announced, I couldn’t help worrying about the staff responsible for planning of SDX line. The “fatal” decorative pattern on the armor, terrifying painting procedure from the complicated color combinations, as well as the volume of the character…its really an “enermy” for mass production! It is finally delivered after months of waiting.