ボークス6月新作ドレス(その2) Volks June New Outfit (2)

DD Saber Extra
Volks June New Outfit (2) – Wine red party dress. This dress is only for L Bust, hence I give it to Saber Extra. I have done some shoot for the 3 Sabers wearing party dresses before.. this time I decided to take photos with Saber Extra only ^^;


ボークス6月新作ドレス(その1) Volks June New Outfit (1)

Saber Alter
Volks June New Outfit – Boyish Set with Denim Hat. It is actually a dressset for SD, but seems DD could use it too. I am not afraid of any stains (lie)… well this time I ask Saber Alter to wear it.


夏の理奈 DD Rina in summer

DD Rina
いや〜暑いですね。海や川にDD撮影をしたいけど、暑すぎて倒れそうだからやめておきます(怠け者)^^  せめて薄着でも着替えます…急に理奈さんを撮りたくて、今回のモデルも理奈さんにします〜。
Its really hot recently! I just wish I could bring my DDs to seaside to have some photo, but seems I maybe collapse and melted(lazy)… Well, at least light cloths for summer is essential for my musume XD. I feel like want to have some shoots for Rina, so lets have her as model this time.


DD 雪ミク Snow Miku 2012

snow miku 2012

先日Dollism Plus 7で、うちの06子ミク〜雪ミク2012スタイルを披露しました。撮影してくれた方、どうも有り難うございます。うちの娘を気に入って頂いて嬉し限りです。改めてここで紹介すると思います。
I bought My 06-chan Miku in Snow Miku 2012 style to Dollism Plus 7 last weekend. Thanks for those who take pictures of my Miku. Its my pleasure that you like her. I am now introducing her new style here.


Dollism Plus 7 (HKDP7) 行ってきました。


昨日(7月8日)、Dollism Plus 7で遊んできました。前回HKDP6以来、あっという間の1年でしたね。ドールショーといえば沢山ディーラーブースがありましたね。少しは買い物があったけど、それよりオフ会の雰囲気が強いですね。
Yesterday (8 July) I went to Dollism Plus 7. Time was really passing fast, its almost a year after HKDP6 already. Dollshows are known as places for dealer booths. Of course I did bought somethings for my dolls, to me it seems like to be an off-line meeting more than a place for shopping.


初夏のルーシー DD Lucy in early summer

DD Lucy

Its nearly July, and weather became hot. Its time for my DDs to change their dresses.
Lucy has been wearing winter school uniform since she was here. I’d better give her a one piece now, and even can’t wait for the arrival of Volks’s new dresses.


06子がフェイトの衣装を着たら… When 06-chan wears Fate’s costume…

06 Fate


My friend wish to have a look for 06-chan cosplay as Fate T. Harlaown, so I let her to try it on today.This is “When 06-chan wears 〇〇’s costume…” part 2! Is it good?


サクヤさん、お迎えしました。Sakuya’s arrival.

DD Sakuya


Sakuya-san arrived. She came from the game Shining Hearts / Shining Blade created by SEGA. She is my 3rd DD in this year ^^; right after Saber Extra and Lucy.
Well…I really like those heroines with dignified characters. Arrow

ルー子お迎えました。DD Lucy Maria Misora

DD Lucy


Good Smile Company’s 1/8 Lucy was my very first PVC scale figure back to 2006. By the time I didn’t know much about her and about To Heart 2(and even now….^^;), but I wanted own, and to display this figure in my room. Just recalled my memory that maybe because of her, I have stepped into the “dark side” of Otaku life ^^. Arrow