プライズ〜けいおん5thあにばーさり | Prize K-ON 5th Anniversary

“K-ON!5th Anniversary♪” SQ Prize figure from Banpresto. Its already five years after the broadcasting of TV Animation…are there still many K-ON fans around the world? At least one of them is still here and waiting for the new K-ON movie(if any^^;). Recently there are Ichiban Kuji figures and Prize figures released; the 5th anniversary memorial scale figures will also be release next year. Seems K-ON’s products won’t stop for a while?!


singing〜秋山澪 Akiyama Mio

singing mio
Where unopened figures were stacking at home since November 2012, I still keep pre-ordering new ones..
Really hope that I have some time to open them and take some photos, but it can’t be happened on January.

けいおんのEDドレスは京都アニメーション(京アニ)のオリジナルデザインだったので、版権はまったく降りないと聞いています。フィギュアもゲームもグッズもイベント当日版権も、例外はありません。欲しければ京アニの商品を買うか、あるいは自するしかありません。この劇場版ED Singingのフィギュアシーリズも京アニより発売するものです。

Dresses in K-ON ending song were original designs by Kyoto Animation(KyoAni), and I heard that they never release copyrights to anyone including Games manufacturers, figures or goods production companies, or even for event one-day license like WonFes and etc. If you want products for K-ON characters in these dresses, you have to make your own, or purchase from KyoAni. Today’s figure from K-ON movie ED song is a product produced by KyoAni.


Lazyで始まり、Lazyで終わる。Starting from “Lazy”, and ending with “Lazy”.

1/8 Akiyama Mio Don't Say Lazy ver.
After the release of comic “K-ON! College”, the story for Sakurakou Keionbu come to an end. The “K-On! high school” featuring Azusa and the new Keionbu will also be released in late October, and this is the finale of the whole series. From 2009 when the Animation on air, I had so much fun and memories with K-ON in 3 years.


Don’t say lazy – starring 秋山澪 Akiyama Mio

Don't Say Lazy - Mio

「けいおん」が好きになった原因とも言えるアニメ1期のED – Don’t say “lazy”。レトロでポップでカッコよく、秋山澪(日笠陽子)のボーカルも曲とすごく合ってるから、個人的では「けいおん」の中で一番好きな曲です。

The “Don’t say “lazy”” ED is one of the main reasons for me to start watching K-ON. Its pop, retro and cool. The melody matches with Akiyama Mio (Hikasa Yoko)’s voice, and its my favorite song among all K-ON songs. Arrow

一番くじ 秋山澪 Mio Death Devil ver.

一番くじ 秋山澪 Death Devil
けいおん一番くじ2回目、B賞の秋山澪 Death Devil ver.です。劇中で数分間でしか出なく、さわ子先生の代役として結婚式パーティのステージ衣装です。歌も歌わなかったし、演奏さえもしなかったけど、Death Devilの公式イラストが格好良すぎてフィギュア化に選ばれたのかな。

This is the B prize of K-ON Ichibankuji 2nd stage, Mio Akiyama Death Devil ver. It only appeared in the TV episode for several minutes, acted as Death Devil in the wedding party of Swako Sensei’s classmate. Though haven’t sing and play in death devil style, the official illustration is too fantastic for makers to make it as figures. Arrow

ごはんはおかず!! 一番くじ けいおん!! “またまた学園祭!” Ichibankuji K-ON!! 2nd stage

けいおん!! 20話のライブシーンが商品化すること、夢にも思わなかった!


またフルコンプ買った? そんな設置スペース大丈夫か?

I can’t imagine that the live scene in K-ON!! #20 could have commercial release of figures.
Thought that nobody will release such thing, so I made it myself in figma…
Relly really thanks Banpresto for making them as Ichibankuji. I know I have to buy it once while I saw it on Dengeki Hobby!!
So today I have got set F and set I in K-ON!! Ichibankuji 2nd series, at a “cost” ^^;…. Arrow

Mio, Yui, Mio…

Mio, Yui, Mio
Mio, Yui, Mio


今回はあまりいい写真を撮れなかったって感じ。どれも普通すぎてインパクトが欠けている… 外撮りの経験不足?天気に恵まれない?体調が悪い?力不足勉強不足?わからない。全部かも… Arrow

Listen!! starring 秋山澪 Akiyama Mio

DD Mio Listen

る日、偶然Don’t Say LazyのPVを見て、衝撃受けました。鮮烈でカッコ良く、少しレトロでありながらポップな感じがしました。そして、「けいおん!」を見始めました。2期のED – Listen!! もLazyのように、不思議な魅力があって、何度聞いても飽きません。

One day, I was shocked after watching video of “Don’t Say Lazy”. It was vivid and cool. A little bit retro but pop. That was one of the main reason that I am into K-ON. I like the songs in K-ON, especially for all the Ending themes. To me, “Listen!!” do have special attractiveness and I listened “Listen!!” for many many times. Arrow

ワンホビ13フォトコン、 受賞しました。




My photo “!” been awarded for the first runner-up in Wonderful Hobby Life for You 13 photo contest held by Max Factory and Goodsmile company on Wonderful Festival 2011 winter.

I though have been try all my best to produce this shoot, but really really never imagine it could won such a prize. I must say THANK YOU to you all who like my photo, and support me in the contest. Arrow

ごはんはおかず!! figma HTT “またまた学園祭!”ver. figma mod: K-ON!! #20 ver.

HTT figma mod
時々ねんどろいどやfigmaなどの改造アディアが思いついだ。ある時は忙しすぎて作る場合じゃない…ある時はコストかかりすぎて断念… ある時は単なる怠けモノ….

そういえば最近、グッスマ(Goodsmile Company)のワンホビ(Wonderful Hobby Life for You)が恒例的なフォトコンがあります。それを機会として何かを作って参加したい、という気持ちもありますし、物を作るのも楽しいだね。

Haven’t do figma mod for a very long time (last time was yukata Saber & Rin….almost one and a half year…) Sometimes I may be too lazy to do so….sometime I have been busying in other stuff….and sometimes maybe the cost for modding is too heavy…

Yet, finally I managed to make K-ON figma mod for joining photo contest of Goodsmile Company. I like episode #20 for the second season of K-ON!! very much. I have made a Tee for DD Mio before, so I also wish to try to make a figma version. Arrow