singing〜秋山澪 Akiyama Mio

singing mio
Where unopened figures were stacking at home since November 2012, I still keep pre-ordering new ones..
Really hope that I have some time to open them and take some photos, but it can’t be happened on January.

けいおんのEDドレスは京都アニメーション(京アニ)のオリジナルデザインだったので、版権はまったく降りないと聞いています。フィギュアもゲームもグッズもイベント当日版権も、例外はありません。欲しければ京アニの商品を買うか、あるいは自するしかありません。この劇場版ED Singingのフィギュアシーリズも京アニより発売するものです。

Dresses in K-ON ending song were original designs by Kyoto Animation(KyoAni), and I heard that they never release copyrights to anyone including Games manufacturers, figures or goods production companies, or even for event one-day license like WonFes and etc. If you want products for K-ON characters in these dresses, you have to make your own, or purchase from KyoAni. Today’s figure from K-ON movie ED song is a product produced by KyoAni.

けいおん一期ED Don’t Say Lazyの澪フィギュアを持っています。グッスマやアルターの技術に及ばないけど、京アニ製のフィギュアはなかなか独特のタッチや雰囲気があると思います。今回も澪だけを買いました。
I have purchased the Don’t Say Lazy Mio figure before. Though its quality still can’t reach the level of what Goodsmile and Alter produced, KyoAni’s did have its own style and touch to make it a good PVC figure. I also purchase Mio this time.

Boxart. Isn’t it somehow look like a _______?! What kind of story does it gonna to tell?! “I can’t stop thinking about it.”
singing mio

On the back. Mio’s head look like an alien ^^;
singing mio

Cardboard inside the box printed with…white rose…!!!
singing mio

A heart-shaped stand. The figure can’t stand without it.
singing mio

More or less sharing the same size as Nendoroid. The direction of sculpture seems quite different, but both of them caught the expression of Mio.
singing mio
singing mio

Also come with another skirt for sitting. Sorry that I didn’t got a decent chair..
singing mio

When I got one, it makes me wanted to get another 4 of them^^..
Thats all for KyoAni’s singing Mio figure.
singing mio

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  1. SDヴァージョンのフィギュアってあんまり興味ないけどこうしてアレンジしたの見ると不思議とかわいいです。さすがゆいさんですね。 :D

    • アンデイさんコメントありがとう!
      ノーマルのほうも好きだけど、設置スペースや価格面ではSD(ねんどろいどなど) のほうもかなり魅力的です^^