AGP MS少女 ユニコーンガンダム | MS Girl Unicorn Gundam

There were no new product for the AGP(Armor Girls Project) MS Girl for a long while, and here comes the new MS Girl – Gundam Unicorn. The choice is really so…”Bandai style” – though armor parts and transformation gimmicks are complicated in design and sculpturing, once finished, it could be applied to different color variations. Weapons are seems to be in common size as Robot Tamashii, for a good cost-saving:D


HGUC バンシィ・ノルン Banshee Norn Titanium Finish

みなさん、ガンダムUC ep6をご覧になりましたか?製作がやや遅いけど、時間とお金をかけて作ったガンダムアニメが素晴らしいだと改めて思いました。原作小説には出ない懐かしい機体がたくさん登場し、主役級のユニコーンガンダム2号機-バンシィがバージョンアップになって登場することも驚きです。
Have you watched Gundam UC ep6? This animation is produced at a slow pace, but I just think it is good for such a Gundam animation to be made with lots of effort, money and time. There are nostalgic Mobile Suits in the anime which haven’t appear in original novel, and yet the Unicorn Gundam 02 – Banshee even has a version-up form!


HGUC デルタプラス メタリックver. Delta Plus Metallic ver.

HGUC Delta Plus
バンダイよりガンプラのHGUCデルタプラス メタリックver.です。キャラホビ2012香港で購入以来何ヶ月も放置し、さらにガンダムUC#5でデルタプラスのボロボロになった無惨な姿を見て、作る気が完全に失った。積みフィギュアが増えつつある…デルタプラスの箱はいよいよ邪魔になるから一刻も早く消化しないと(笑)。
HGUC Delta Plus metallic ver. by Bandai. I bought it from C3HK 2012 and put it aside for months, after watching Gundam UC#5 with Delta Plus being full-combo by Banshee, I totally lost motivation to build this gunpla. However, stacking boxes of unopened figures have made no room for Delta Plus keeping in the box, hence I build it immediate on my vacation ^^;


ANA x ユニコーンガンダム Unicorn Gundam

ANA x Gundam Unicorn
ANA × GUNDAM SKYプロジェクトによるANAオリジナルカラーVer.ガンプラ、第3回の応募はユニコーンガンダムです。前回の00ライザーがスルーしたけど、青いユニコーンが綺麗すぎてまた買っちゃいました^^

The blue colour Gundam Unicorn, from the 3rd time of in-flight order of ANA original color Gunpla from ANA x GUNDAM SKY project. I have skipped the previous 00-raiser, but the I like the coloring of the Blue Unicorn very much, hence difficult to resist ^^ Arrow

当たらなければどうということはない! It doesn’t matter how powerful you are if you can’t hit me!

HG Unicorn & Sinanju Titanium Finished

MGシナンジュ チタニウムフィニッシュは綺麗だけど値段は….

After I watched Gundam UC, I really wish to build Gunpla Sinanju.
Full Frontal & Sinanju are very cool. Ikeda shuichi’s voice acting Full Frontal, saying “Who cares as long as it is not hit!”…… It seems to me that he is the real Char!
MG Sinanju Titanium Finished is beautiful, but the price was a bit… I decided to buy HGUC ver. Arrow