HGUC デルタプラス メタリックver. Delta Plus Metallic ver.

HGUC Delta Plus
バンダイよりガンプラのHGUCデルタプラス メタリックver.です。キャラホビ2012香港で購入以来何ヶ月も放置し、さらにガンダムUC#5でデルタプラスのボロボロになった無惨な姿を見て、作る気が完全に失った。積みフィギュアが増えつつある…デルタプラスの箱はいよいよ邪魔になるから一刻も早く消化しないと(笑)。
HGUC Delta Plus metallic ver. by Bandai. I bought it from C3HK 2012 and put it aside for months, after watching Gundam UC#5 with Delta Plus being full-combo by Banshee, I totally lost motivation to build this gunpla. However, stacking boxes of unopened figures have made no room for Delta Plus keeping in the box, hence I build it immediate on my vacation ^^;

I know how I love metallic coating right now. Just purchased because of its color that I have seen in C3… Well, the color is nice, proportion looks smart, and the face just look like Hyakushiki. Since it could be transformed into Wave Rider mode, joint moving are somehow limited while compared with Unicorn Gundam, but there are no difficulties in posing.
HGUC Delta Plus
HGUC Delta PlusHGUC Delta Plus
HGUC Delta Plus
HGUC Delta Plus

Wave Rider mode. HGUC seems can’t achieve a perfect transform. Instead, it “transform” through part swapping… and nearly getting the whole model detached… Its quite trouble, the wave rider looks smart and slim, and parts could be held tightly.
Well. I won’t do it again.
HGUC Delta Plus

Just react some scenes in Gundam UC#4.

Get on! Banagher!
HGUC Delta Plus

How’s your beam magnum?
One shot left.
It’s down to that then. It’s the only way to protect the city!
HGUC Delta Plus

Loni, please come back!
Give it up!
I can’t do it!
HGUC Delta Plus

以上、HGUC デルタプラスでした。次は…黒いユニコーンかな?
Thats all for HGUC Delta Plus. The next one will be…Banshee?

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  1. Metallic version of Delta Plus looks pretty nice; it looks more fitting as a cousin of Hyaku Shiki than the original and dull grey surface.

    I really do like the MA mode, which looks very much like a fighter plane. Too bad the transformation is very troublesome, where you have to dissemble the entire body and re-assemble again, which is pretty risky for these coated Gunpla.

    The last 3 shots reenacting the scene in episode 4 looks brill!

    • Thanks Q! All UC mechanics are neat and elegant. Delta Plus’s wave rider mode is such a nice piece of design with a fusion of Hyakushiki and Zeta! I like it too. I won’t feel like buying an MG Delta Plus for a perfect transformation, but will consider RG Zeta if it have Z#3 XD

  2. カッコイイです!


    • 03さん、ありがとうございます!