RG フリーダムガンダム エクストラフィニッシュ | RG Freedom Gundam Extra Finish ver.

積みプラを消化。先日やっとRGフリーダムガンダム エクストラフィニッシュ ver.を完成しました。相変わらず情報量の多さに圧倒されましたね…毎回毎回RG作るには神経を使いました^^;
Just finished the RG Freedom Gundam Extra finish version. Because of its detailed panel lines, color separations and detailed gimmicks, I need much more time is needed to finish a box of RG gunpla even when comparing with HG or MG series^^;

This is the first extra finish model in RG series. The metallic color with low color saturation looks very nice indeed. Bandai didn’t release water transfer decal seals for RG Freedom (why?!).. and hence I have to find some alternatives for it. I choose Z.A.F.T. version of decal for this freedom as an image of just being rolled out from factory.

Smart proportion, smart face. Though the camera eyes are a bit large..

RG Original gimmick for Freedom’s wings.

Joints are good for posing, and parts seldom fall down when comparing with previous RG..

Full Brust!

以上、RG フリーダムエクストラフィニッシュ ver.でした。渋そうなメタリック色合いを気に入ったので次が出たら買いたいと思います。
Thats all for RG Freedom extra finish ver. I like the metallic color much, and will purchase the next one if available.