PGザクII mastermind JAPAN ver. | PG Zaku II MMJ ver.

Well… I have never think I would buy such a box of gunpla at this price point.
Maybe it is for collectors who would never open it to build. To myself, limited gunpla is just some piece of plastic if it is not being build, (and the box is so huge that i do not have extra space to store) so I decided to open and build it.

これはハイエンドファッションブランド「mastermind JAPAN」と、ガンダムの世界観をモチーフにしたアパレルショップ「STRICT-G」のコラボアイテム、2012年発売したものです。mastermind JAPANがプロデュースすることで、ベースとなるPerfect Gradeザクの成形色は黒に変更し、ドクロマークを付けます。さらにPGの箱にも入れるほど大きいな厚手キャンバストートもセットとし売るので、値段は通常のPGザクの数倍に…orz
It is a collaboration item from high fashion brand “mastermind JAPAN” and Gundam fashion brand “STRICT-G” in 2012. Coming with a thick canvas tote bag in PG box size, the Zaku MMJ ver. carries carries the skull logo of mastermind JAPAN on its cockpit and its shield, and all the exterior armor parts are in black color.

I spend a week or more to finish it. Armor parts are painted in glossy/semi-glossy and matt black, and I just simply paint the mechanic frame with light gun metal and black steel color, to create some visual contrast between different parts even all are in black tone.

Bought the “Ultimate container” from DAISO. Though it is a bit small for shooting photo for PG size gunpla, its still ok to create the atmosphere in the hanger.

Some random posture.

以上、PGザクII mastermind JAPAN ver. でした。
It is the first PG that I build… it have a lot of parts, complicated and difficult (especially for the mono-eye LED part). Its detail and proportion is still looks nice even though it is actually a plastic model released 7 years before.
Well..really don’t want to build another PG in the near future XD
Thats all for the Perfect Grade Zaku II mastermind JAPAN ver..

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