RG ウィングゼロ EW パールグロスver. | RG Wing Zero EW Pearl Gross ver.

香港のキャラホビC3 2015の限定プラモ〜RGウィングゼロEW パールグロスver.になります。多分以前のバンシィデルタプラスと同じくイベント先行、そのうち日本でも発売することになるでしょう。元々OVA版のウィングゼロは「ウィングガンダムゼロカスタム」や「ゼロカス」と呼ばれたけど、最近はEW(エンドレスワルツ)に統一されたらしい…まあゼロカスののほうが馴染みあるかな^^;
Limited Gunpla – RG Wing Gundam Zero EW Pearl Gloss ver. from C3HK 2015. It should be release in Japan or world wide lateron, just like Banshee and Delta Plus in 2012~13. Wing Zero EW was known as “Wing Gundam Zero Custom” or “Zero Custom” few years before, but recently its official name seems to be standardized as “Wing Gundam Zero EW”.

Pearl Gloss seems quite differ from the finishing on the MG Wing Zero EW released at C3 2005 and the special version of PG which have pearl mirror coating. The limited RG used semi transparent white with pearl color added into the plastic. I just painted panel lines with copic marker, and painted those yellow color into gold.

The joints are tight hence posing is easy without much difficulties. It have been a great progress while comparing with early RG kits.
(The stand “Seraphim Feather” sold separately)
some random shoots.

以上、RGウィングゼロEW パールグロスver.でした。
I still believe there might be other limited editions in the future…Will get them if they look good^^; thats all for The RG Wing Zero Pearl Gloss ver.

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