HGUC バンシィ・ノルン Banshee Norn Titanium Finish

みなさん、ガンダムUC ep6をご覧になりましたか?製作がやや遅いけど、時間とお金をかけて作ったガンダムアニメが素晴らしいだと改めて思いました。原作小説には出ない懐かしい機体がたくさん登場し、主役級のユニコーンガンダム2号機-バンシィがバージョンアップになって登場することも驚きです。
Have you watched Gundam UC ep6? This animation is produced at a slow pace, but I just think it is good for such a Gundam animation to be made with lots of effort, money and time. There are nostalgic Mobile Suits in the anime which haven’t appear in original novel, and yet the Unicorn Gundam 02 – Banshee even has a version-up form!

The new form – Banshee Norn has quickly been released in 1/144 HGUC.
Last month there were titanium finish version of this new kit as limited item in C3HK, and I love its color so much.

The weapons are new and different. Armed Armor for striking and shooting are replace by enlarged shield with propulsion function, in addition to an enhanced Beam Magnum, making Banshee Norn being neat and smart.

With Unicorn Gundam destroy mode. Banshee in unicorn mode is a bit shorter.

The deep and blue shinny color looks absolutely beautiful.

If there are HGUC Banshee in destroy mode, I am sure I will be more then happy to get it. Awaiting for ep7 next year.

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  1. こうして見るときれいですね~。


    • アンデイさんありがとうございます。

  2. Nice build on the Banshee Norn! I like how its equipments are now resembling more to the original Unicorn, rather than the fancy claws and foldable beam cannon.

    The Titanium finish lustre does help it stand out well in the dark!

    • Thanks Q. I like Banshee Norn more then the original Banshee in Animation, though the pilot is somehow….well ^^;
      I do hope that I don’t have to wait for destroy mode in HGUC until the time when ep7 on screen.

  3. Wow, you are very quick at obtaining and building limited kits (^_^) I personally like Banshee more then Unicorn, but I’m too lazy to built currently, hope Bandai will release Banshee in Metal Composite as well. Great photos as always Yui-San ^^b

    • Thanks Otakusan!
      I am such a lazy person that the main reason for building limited kit is……….. well I don’t need much painting XD
      I do wish Bandai will release Banshee in Metal Composite too〜