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ジオン水泳部MSは個性的なデザインが多い。小さい頃からスゴック系のMSは結構好きだったけど、プラモはなかなか見つけられない… ガンダムの35周年の今頃、やっとシャアズゴックがRG化されました!早速作ることにしま〜す。
I like the mechanic design of Zeon’s amphibious MS, especially for the Z’GOK series. Though I haven’t got chance to built Gunpla Z’GOK when I was small, it was finally released under RG series in the year of 35th Anniversary of the Gundam. Just grasp my box and started building it as fast as I could.

The proportion and arranged detail for RG Z’GOK were controversial, but I like the details and color of it. I painted those claws and panel lines, and apply some weathering paints on it. I also changed the camera eye with aluminum parts. Bandai hasn’t release water slide decals for RG Char’s Z’GOk, so I use Char’s Zaku’s decals as replacement.

Nice movability. Kneeling pose could be made easily without any interference form other parts. Joints and parts are tight, hence posing is quite easy and smooth.

Cockpit could be opened but Char wasn’t there.

Here comes the GM as Char’s Z’GOK’s target^^; The SCM-EX GM’s details seems quite match with the RG series.


“Well, you have improved skills, Gundam!”

以上、RG シャア専用ズゴックでした。作るの楽しかったガンプラキットでした。
Thats all for RG Char’s Z’GOK. Its fun for building it.

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