DD渋谷凛〜ニュージェネレーション篇 | Shibuya Rin – New Generation style

DD Shibuya Rin in New Generation style. DD Rin’s package comes with this dress as default(and her school uniform sold separately). It has been 2 month since I took photos with her school uniform, and I haven’t got much time and idea for photos of this live stage dress. Well, just stop thinking and shoot casually ^^;

I got Volks’s mic and mic-stand, but it is quite different from what Shiburin was using (in the illustration). Finally I got another DD size mic, and hence I also made some modifications on Volks’s stand and added a boom arm on it.

The New Generation stage costume is really nice. The hair accessory is absolutely exquisite, and the choice of materials for dress and its cutting was good. Though color staining might be an issue, it is doubtlessly a nice outfit for Shibuya Rin.

以上、DD渋谷凛 in ニュージェネレーション衣装でした。
I used my monitor (TV) as background for this set of photo. Though it is quite convenient, due to size issue, I cannot shoot full-portrait DD photo, and angles are limited…
Its time to have a larger TV?!
Thats all for DD Shibuya Rin New Generation style.

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