「I want you to know my hidden heart.」

「 煩わしい太陽ね(おはよう!)」
“The sun is most vexatious.(Good morning!)”

Dollfie Dream Sisters – Kanzaki Ranko from Volks. I adopted her just before the TV animation started, not until recently I managed to take her out from the box. With her lips in light pink, grayish bold eye-bows, crimson eyes and her white skin, Kanzaki Ranko is a character looks like a doll(and here’s the doll!)

Ranko-language (known as Kumamoto dialect unofficially, and its official now!) is difficult. Unlike the game with translation after each sentence, the producer and audience might have some hurdles to understand her in TV animation. Lets hope Miria-sensei and other CP members could translate for us.
Lets have some Chuuni-style poses~

I made a miniture sketch book appeared in the animation. The ring bind is difficult.. will make a better one next time..

「傷ついた悪姫 第二形態 我が名はブリュンヒルデ!!」

Ranko’s dream seems to be come true in Granblue Fantasy. Nice!

Finally a photo at the “Angel’s fountain” look alike. Just wonder if anyone could produce a decent umbrella in DD size?!

ただし蘭子のゴシックドレスセットはS級危険物です。色移り対策取らないとあとは後悔するのみ…いやいや取っても後悔です!触ってるだけて手首がやられましたorz 恐ろしい
Idol M@ster DD’s head are always nicely sculpted. However, Ranko’s gothic dress is terribly danger!…its stains in seconds while the cloth lay on her hand..

“Engulfed in darkness(Good work today!)”