アニメ「アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ」1期OP衣装、マイファーストスターになります。
いつかきっとDD衣装が発売してくれると信じて待っていますが、今回もやっぱりCherry Milkさんが一番乗りで、神戸トレジャーフェスタで発売することになりました。Cherry Milkさんありがとう!そしてありがとう(´;ω;`)
“My First Star”, the costume from Animation “IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls” Season 1 opening. I have been waiting for Volks or DD costume dealers to produce this costume since the animation begins… and yet its Cherry Milk again who make it comes true and put it on shelve during Kobe Treasure Festa in early November.

今回発売したのはCool ver.(Cute ver.も発売予定だそうです)。
The costume have 3 different variations, and this is the version for “Cool” idols (Cute version will be release in in the near future according to Cherry Milk). I ask Rin to wear it..sorry Ranko^^;

The choice of color and cloth us nice, perfectly resembling the costume in the animation. The size of the top would be much better if it could be a little bit bigger in size.Well it might fit DDS instead of DD3 body. As for the crown…I don’t have enough confidence to make a better one by 3D modeling…

以上、DD渋谷凛とCherry Milkさんのマイファーストスター衣装でした。アニメ2期OP衣装、『クリスタルナイトパーティー』も頼みますね。
In IM@S Cinderella Gils Starlight Stage, the game have such description for the costume: “The first step for girls who dreaming to become a shining star. Its just a little step, but full of hope.”(translated) Its a nicely designed dress for all Cinderella Girls.
Thats all for DD Shibuya Rin in My First Star costume by Cherry Milk. Lets hope somebody will make another costume in 2 season opening – the “Crystal Night Party”.


    • Thanks Bababaloo !
      Just saw the price on Yahoo…and its…really..crazy now…
      I heard that Cherry milk will re-issue My First Star (Cool) in December, and hope you could get it at a reasonable price.

      • Thank’s for letting me know about the rerelease. ^^
        I was able to buy it today for 20,000 JPY on YAJ which is a little more than the original price. I’m really happy :)