METAL BUILD デスティニーガンダム(ハイネ機) | Destiny Gundam Heine custom

バンダイより「魂ネイション2015」開催記念商品、METAL BUILD デスティニーガンダム(ハイネ機)になります。ハイネといえば中の人がTMRこと西川貴教ですね。登場時間の短いゲストキャラみたいな存在だけど、わざわざガンダムタイプのカスタム機を与えたことは人気の証かな。
Metal Build Destiny Gundam Haine Custom is an limited item for Tamashii Nation 2015. Haine is known for is character voice – TMR Nishikawa Takanori. Heine haven’t got much exposure in the animation, however a Gundam-type custom MS is specially designed for him, hence proofing that he is quite a popular character indeed.

I haven’t got any chance to have normal ver. of MB Destiny Gundam due to its flying price, but I am glad to have this Heine Custom ver because I like its color and the character.

Handsome face. Gundam in orange color seems not quite common.

新しいくデザインされたマーキング。「CONCLUDERS」はデステニーガンダムを主力とする特殊部隊のようですが、ハイネの戦死より計画頓挫…。バラマークはSeed Destinyの挿入歌「vestige -ヴェスティージ-」のCDジャケットを連想させる。
Newly designed marking. “CONCLUDERS” seems to be a special army with several Destiny Gundams. However it is dismissed due to the death of Heine. The rose logo reminds me of the CD Jacket of “Vestige”, a song from Gundam Seed Destiny.

Heine Westernfluss. Heine (gray cat) was the name of Nishikawa in the band before his solo debut. Fluss was a German for river (Nishi:West/kawa: river).

ZGMF-X42S Revolutionって、T.M. Revolutionの名前そのままじゃないですか!
ZGMF-X42S Revolution…it carry the name of T.M.Revolution!

Well, ZAFT logo here…

スタンドの赤ラメ、綺麗。CONCLUDERS 04…1〜3番は誰かな?
logo in shinny red finishing. CONCLUDERS 04..then how about No.1-3?

Some random postures. Joints are tight…or maybe too tight for smooth posture XD

以上、METAL BUILD デスティニーガンダム(ハイネ機)でした。
Build quality is high and stable as usual. Awaiting for MB Strike Freedom in late November. Thats all for Metal Build Destiny Gundam Heine Custom.