「I want you to know my hidden heart.」

「 煩わしい太陽ね(おはよう!)」
“The sun is most vexatious.(Good morning!)”

Dollfie Dream Sisters – Kanzaki Ranko from Volks. I adopted her just before the TV animation started, not until recently I managed to take her out from the box. With her lips in light pink, grayish bold eye-bows, crimson eyes and her white skin, Kanzaki Ranko is a character looks like a doll(and here’s the doll!)


DDS 天海春香 Amami Haruka

I don’t like DD Amami Haruka at very first, but I have totally changed my mind after reading blogs and browsing photos on flickr. She is cute! Recently, I managed to get Haruka from auction (head only). I think I have already uploaded one or two photos on twitter, yet still haven’t post here – Introducing my latest DD, Amami Haruka.


DDS 星井美希 (ライブ翌日の朝編) Hoshii Miki (Morning after the stage)

DDS 星井美希
DDS星井美希二回目です。こういうスタイルのあまり撮らない…というより向けないかも^^; せっかくの一体型ボディなので、撮らないともったいないです!ではでは、「見せてもらおうか、DDS一体型ボディの性能とやらを。」良い子はクリックしないでね(え?)。

DDS Hoshii Miki again. Actually I don’t use to take photos in such style^^; However it is a waste if I didn’t make use of the newly introduced “one-piece torso” body part. Well, good child should not click^^


DDS 星井美希 (ライブステージ編) Hoshii Miki (Live Stage)

DDS 星井美希


I have neither played the game nor watched the animation of idolm@ster, but occasionally I will take a look at Hoshii Miki’s PVC figures and illustration (and which I didn’t own anyone of them either)…

Miki is not my fave character, but after having a look at everyone’s DD Miki photos, I started wanting her and finally caught her in auction^^; Well, let me introduce my newest Dollfie, Hoshii Miki.