DDS 天海春香 Amami Haruka

I don’t like DD Amami Haruka at very first, but I have totally changed my mind after reading blogs and browsing photos on flickr. She is cute! Recently, I managed to get Haruka from auction (head only). I think I have already uploaded one or two photos on twitter, yet still haven’t post here – Introducing my latest DD, Amami Haruka.

Amami Haruka is the 2nd Open-mouth DD, after Escalayer. Photos taken from the side did discourage me to go for Haruka, but photos taken from different angles do made her looks cute, and the sculpture indeed looks very closed to her signature smile in illustrations and visuals. As I do not have Haruka’s default wig, I use Moe’s medium straight as a replacement.. The color is more or less the same, and, would it be more cute?

With Miki. It seems that they are come from different series, isn’t it?!

“Producer, could I order a parfait?”

Looks delicious.

Just finished watching IdolM@aster animation. Though I haven’t played the game and have no background knowledge on iM@s, the animation was very good indeed. All the characters are nicely crafted hence they are able to stand out on their own. Cheerful, thoughtful, caring, and hardworking Amami Haruka does leave a good impression. Can’t wait to watch the iM@s movie!

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  1. Haha.. on your way to collecting all the IM@s girls now are you? ^^; did you have to sneak her home like you did with Miki XD I really like the pictures with the parfait, reminds me of sitting at a classy cafe on the top floor of some building ^^b

    • Thanks Otakusan!! I feel like want to have a parfait tonight XD
      I am not too into iM@s, but the next one should be Shibuya Rin ^^