DDS 星井美希 (ライブ翌日の朝編) Hoshii Miki (Morning after the stage)

DDS 星井美希
DDS星井美希二回目です。こういうスタイルのあまり撮らない…というより向けないかも^^; せっかくの一体型ボディなので、撮らないともったいないです!ではでは、「見せてもらおうか、DDS一体型ボディの性能とやらを。」良い子はクリックしないでね(え?)。

DDS Hoshii Miki again. Actually I don’t use to take photos in such style^^; However it is a waste if I didn’t make use of the newly introduced “one-piece torso” body part. Well, good child should not click^^

Volks has done a great job this time. Really.
The little the cloth, the more the body could highlight its potential.
DDS 星井美希
DDS 星井美希

ぺたん座りしてみます。おおおおおぉぉぉぉぉぉぉぉ….. 落ち着け、落ち着け。
Trying “Petan”seating posture. Ooooooooo…..!!! be calm, be calm.
DDS 星井美希

mm.. Miki seems like just wake up and going take a shower (no I won’t do that).
DDS 星井美希
DDS 星井美希

A perfect curve. beautiful.
DDS 星井美希

If it would be DDS Haruka Amami(S), body curves may not be as stunning as Miki. My DDs used to have M size (easier to fit on any dresses), but I start thinking that L size was not bad indeed…
DDS 星井美希

I am glad to have DDS Miki at home.
Thanks, and thanks again, Volks!

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  1. けしからん…実にけしからんw


    • ヤマダさんありがどう〜

  2. Ohoho… These are the kinds of photos I don’t often see from you. Revealing, but not too ero-ero (pose-wise), which can be a good thing actually :P

    One-piece torso does look very nice, as the separation right at the stomach for most DDs or slightly above like DDdys can be a sore sight when they wear too little clothing. While they may look a little warped when they are bent a bit too much, I don’t think one will often pose them like so.

    It’s tempting to consider getting one of these for my girl(s) in the future… That is if they are becoming more feasible to acquire I suppose. I don’t think I’m in a hurry ^^;

    • Thanks Q~~~^^;
      The price for Miki’s body is still quite high right now. I also hope that Volks will release such parts separately.

    • アンディさん、こういうの滅多に撮らないから、楽しく見てもらえると嬉しいです。次も頑張ります^^