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DD渋谷凛〜制服編 | Shibuya Rin – School Uniform style

It has been 8 months after announcement of DD Shibuya Rin during IDOLM@STER 8th Anniversary Concert in September 2013, and she is finally arrived. DD Rin and DDS Ranko are very cute and I do want both of them, its difficult to afford 2 DDs at once, however.

It cannot be Shibuya Rin without her uniform (and I just wonder why it is not the default outfit). It starts from the illustration of the very first “normal” card of the game – IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – a girl who wears school uniform in a little bit messy way with earrings and necklace. However, those accessories are minimal and simple enough just for reflecting her own preference and style instead of drawing attention from the others – and that was Shibuya Rin’s impression from this little piece of illustration.

In much cases, sculptures of character dolls have little resemblance to its original character design. However I do think it is fine if the doll is nicely made, and yet have the feeling of being such character. Although she doesn’t look exactly the same as the character design, but after putting on her school uniform and setting her hair style, I would say, she is more than perfect to be called Shibuya Rin.

From different angles.

It seems that Rin’s family business is a florist’s. Just have some flower here…mm..seems match.
(well, any chance that I could get a 1/3 doggy?)

モバマスPじゃないから、しぶりんについてあまりにも知らなさすぎ…先日はPS3のアイマスOne for allでやっとプロデューサーデビューしました。気が向いたらモバマスもやってみようかな。
Actually I haven’t played “IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls”, hence I didn’t know much about Rin’s episodes. PS3’s “IDOLM@STER one for all” is my first IM@S game (which released last month), and if I have time, I may try to play “Cinderella Girls”.

Thats all for DD Shibuya Rin – School Uniform style.
Hope I could have some time for taking photos of Rin in “New Generation” outfit.

  • otakusan

    Heehee, i had the feeling you will have her DD as well ^^ I thought her dd ver doesn’t look enough like her original design as well, but nevertheless she is a very nice sculpt. The addition of her uniform does bring some the the original taste back in her. Thanks fir sharing the nice photos with us again yui san ^^

    1. Yui

      Thanks Otakusan〜 zero-resistance to DD Shibuya Rin no matter what she looks like :D Are you planning to get DD Rin too?
      I do heard that using Chihaya Kisaragi’s head to cosplay Rin may even looks better than the original… I am not quite sure but Chihaya is nice too.

      1. otakusan

        I applied 3 entries total for AE, but did not win any -_-;; But just yesterday I actually was able to secure one for a reasonable price from someone that won the AE and decided to not keep her. Really looking forward to her arrival ^^ I really liked Chihaya’s sculpt also, and I did hear the same about using her to cosplay Rin… but due to lack of space, I cannot buy every DD I like ^^;;

        1. Yui

          Congratulations!!! :D
          I also entered for Ranko but didn’t got anything…
          Storage space is really a challenge for all figure / DD collectors ^^;

  • Mycstea-P

    Wow, it really looks wonderful. I am a Chihaya DDS owner and I also wanted to get the uniform for Rin to wear on Chihaya…. but it’s so expensive now on the auctions Q.Q

    1. Yui

      Thanks Mycstea-P!!
      Chihaya should looks pretty in Rin’s uniform! It should be quite match indeed. Wish you could get the uniform in a reasonable price.


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