Dollism Plus 6 (HKDP6) 行ってきました。

dollismplus 6

日曜日、Dollism Plus 6へ遊びにきました。HKDP6といえば香港、台湾、中国、韓国などアシア地域のドール、ドレス、アクセサリーの発売会みたいなイベントです。私は主にDollfie Worldさんのブースで友達のオフ会と、ドレスやドール小物の世話をしているOrineさんのブースへ予約品の回収のために行きました。

Last Sunday I went to Dollism Plus 6. Its an annual event for HK, Taiwan, China Korea and Asia dealers to showcase their dolls, dress and accessories. My main objectives is to join my friends at Dollfie World’s booth, as well as pickup pre-ordered items from Orine’s booth.

dollismplus 6
dollismplus 6


It was such an event with much much people, even more than last years. Friends and I even can’t move in the middle of corridor while we are walking through the booths.

And this is my loot.

dollismplus 6



Dealers do have much classical dress for choose, but my favorite was Casual wears and fashion, which I couldn’t spot much in the event. I am not sure if Volks DP and iDoll event dealers are also mainly selling classical dress….well.

It wasn’t an event for shopping to me, but its great to meet and chart with DD owners for a whole afternoon. Will go to Dollism Plus next year!

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  1. おぉ!すごいイベントですね!




    • yamadaさん、機会があったら一度でもドルパへ遠征してみてくださいね。

    • thanks coffeebugg.
      Though we didn’t have much time to know each other, I believe we will have gathering someday as we are sharing the same interest ^^

  2. It’s nice seeing you along with your Miku and Aria that day. Lots of people have said that the general number of people as well as the popularity of DD has increased significantly these days. I didn’t do much during the event, but it’s nice to meet new people and see other kinds of dolls out there. It was quite a day of many first times for me!

    • thanks Q!
      glad to see your DD B★RS there, too.
      there are increasing number of ppl coming to the dollism comparing with last year, and it seems to be too congested to walk around those booths and choose some piece of skirts ^^; i think and I hope they need a larger venue…