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BE@RBRICK 200% 超合金(chogokin) – mastermind JAPAN

4月24日発売したmastermind JAPANベアブリック超合金(200%サイズ) SILVER STRIPE & CHROME GOLDセットです。mastermind JAPANというのは1998年設立した日本発ファクションブランドです。ありえない値段の代わりに、最高級の素材と最先端の技術を詰め込んだ物。一切妥協せずに作り上げ、毎回毎回デザイン(と価格)で世界を驚かせたブランドです。高いだけのブランドじゃないから、ファクション好きな人が愛しているではないでしょうか。
The mastermind JAPAN be@rbrick chogokin(200% size), SILVER STRIPE & CHROME GOLD set. mastermind JAPAN is a Japanese fashion brand started from 1988. It is famous for its crazy price tag with highest level of materials, with complicated technique in cloth making. Without any compromise on quality, every collection comes with surprise with its design (and price tag). It might be fashion lovers favorite because it is not a brand just being expensive.

私はmastermind JAPANのロコとなるドクロがたまらなく好きです。ただのドクロマークであるけど、ほかのブランドやロゴに真似できないほど、完璧な線とバランスを持つドクロだと私は思います。デザイナー本間正章氏が1,000枚程描いて、ようやく完成したものだそうです。色々な素材を使って服にドクロマークを表現することも魅力の一つですね。無論、このベアブリックセットもドクロが売りです。
I love the skull logo of mastermind JAPAN. Skull mark is very common in fashion, but this one seems totally different in its shape and line. The designer Masaaki Homma, have drawn over 1,000 drafts of skull and finally decided to go for the current one. The skull mark have been used on cloths with different materials and different ways of presentation, and of course, the focus of this set of be@rbricks are also the skull logo.

メッキ撮影は素直苦手です。…撮影ブースを買わないといけないのかな orz
I am not good at taking photos for plating objects. Maybe I should buy a photo booth..orz

On the back of the golden one, it wrote 「繁栄」, which means prosperous. This is the same design with the one announced in 2005 during Be@rbrick World Wide Tour (BWWT), as a wish for prosperity of the brand. Well, its really prosperous enough nowadays ^^;

The back side is totally different from chogokin be@rbricks before, without the engraving of “chogokin”.

(ベアブリックはMEDICOM TOYS社製、超合金ベアブリックはバンダイ社製)
Actually I own the 400% and 100% as well. The gold color of the chogokin body is different from the rest..
It is not surprise as being a product from Bandai, well^^; (Ordinary be@rbrick is produced by Medicom Toys)
I really regret that I haven’t bought the 1000% ver. The price is now almost equal to a Dollfie Dream.

mastermind JAPANは今年の春夏コレクション以降、終了となります。
mastermind JAPAN will shut down after 2013 spring/summer collection. I enjoyed its fashion design (though its price tags are far from affordable), and hope it will come again soon.

  • Otakusan

    WOW!! MasterMind Japan (XoX) I remember a few years back, they released a 1000% and one of the fashion stores locally brought one in… it was selling for a crazy price tag that i don’t even remember. But like you said, MMJ is not just expensive (like some of the other brands), they actually do some pretty cool designs and funky use of materials. Anyhow, I really like the picture of the three gold sizes ^^ gives a feeling of “Gold” price tag XD

    1. Yui

      Thanks Otakusan. I remembered mastermind JAPAN wasn’t that expensive 5-6 years before. All of a sudden local magazines reports on its clothes in every issue, local celebrities began to wear MMJ on stage. Together with strong Japanese Yen, it is nowadays become hard to buy even a signature Tee (and I even haven’t see any Zaku tee in person…). I wish I could have one or two before it closes :D

  • アンデイ

    ゆいさんのブログのお陰でよく面白い情報が得られます。 ^_^


    1. Yui



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