figma アスナ&キリト Asuna & Kirito

figma Kirito and Asuna from “Sword Art Online”. The TV animation series ended last year, and novel will also end in 2 or 3 issues. However, it seems there still much products and figures are coming this year.

figma Kirito have been released in June… well it would be more funny to shoot together with the newly release figma Asuna. Even as small as a figma, the details are nicely made, especially for the weapon and armor. The face parts are very close to expressions in the animation.

Cloths are made of soft pvc, hence it won’t affect posing and movement. Since I didn’t have much monster figures, I asked Zinogre Subspecies(Monster Hunter) to fight with Asuna and Kirito.

Asuna’s weapon “Lambent Light” with effect parts. The effect parts just match with her name “Lightning Flash”.

キリトの剣、エリュシデータとダークリパルサーのエフェクトパーツもありますが….あまりにも重過ぎて撮影中に…エリュシデータのグリップが折れた(ノД`)・゜・。マックスファクトリーさんよ、エフェクトパーツはもう少し軽くしてくださいお願いしますm(_ _)m
Kirito’s swords Elucidator and Dark Repulser also comes with effect parts. However, it is too heavy that… the grip of Elucidator broken while taking photos.. Dear Maxfactory, It would be appreciated if the sword effect part could be a little bit lighter in weight…

とりあえず修復。65535 G掛かってしまった(え?
Anyway paid 65535 G for repair…(what?

アスナのふくれ顔とキリトのヘタレ顔、見るだけて微笑ましいのバカップルふり。ちなみに小物は別のアスナ プライズフィギュアから。
Asuna’s pouting face and Kirito’s lazy face. Looks like a funny couple. The sandwiches are from Asuna prize figure.

Finally lets have some scene resembles the last episode of SAO chapter.

Thats all for figma Asuna and Kirito, with quality far better then expected. Hopefully there will be Leafa and Yui lateron.

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    • Thanks Mouse!! As a SAO fan, Its great to hear that SAO Animation could be on air in UK too. “SAO fever” are ever-expanding, and I do hope that it will have 2nd season sooner.

      Thanks for the link to my blog ^^

      • Your welcome and thank you for responding, your blog is excellent and I am glad to be able to link back to it :)

        I love your pictures, they must take a lot of time to put together.

        As for Sword Art Online I also hope for another season but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

        Have you seen the Card Game? Its only just come over to the UK but it seems big in Japan –

        Take care of your self :)
        Mouse (Mike)

        • Wow. I really didn’t know that Weiss Schwarz have English version!
          Some visual of SAO deck looks nice. I almost forgot I have been released and I’m going to buy one or two booster :D Thanks for introducing it!

  1. Lovely photos. The basket for Asuna is a nice touch!

    I somehow wasn’t as big into Swort Art Online as I’d have thought, but it’s nevertheless a good series, especially on the Sword Art Online arc. Both figma Kirito and Asuna seem to be really poseable, and are of pretty good quality! Your photos and extra touch-ups are the icing on the cakes!

    • Thanks Q!!
      I am not quite into MMORPG, but SAO did reminded me on those days I have spent in such a world.
      Lets look forward for full-diving technology in the future XD