DDミカサとアスナ DD Mikasa & Asuna

近所に新しい公園ができるから、近くに住んでるAnthonyさんと一緒に撮影に行きました。今回はAnthonyさんのDDミカサと私のDDアスナで、テーマは戦う女子になりましたw 今回はAnthonyさんのカスタムDDミカサ、とアスナのツーショット中心です。うちのアスナの紹介はまだ次の記事で。
A new park have just opened nearby. My friend Anthony and I decided to go there for a DD outdoor shooting, with his custom DD Mikasa and my DD Asuna (and hence, the theme became “girl warriors”). I am posting photos for DD Mikasa and shoots with Asuna in this post, while leaving DD Asuna for the next.

It seems that this is the first time for the 3-D Maneuver Gear to be shown. Its great to have a look in person!!

Mikasa-san looks smart and beautiful.

Its really a nicely done custom DD.

Who would win the duel?

We do wish to have some more dynamic poses, but after Mikasa and Asuna fallen on the ground for 2-3 times… well… orz

いやいや、仲良し仲良し ^^
well, lets be peaceful and friendly XD

The sunshine was too strong, and we gave up after 2 hours… maybe it would be better to start shooting later in the afternoon (o´Д`)

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  1. Nice pics!!! It was very very hot yesterday. I am very long time no outdoor shooting, I was really tired….>_<
    I am glad you like Mikasa. This is my first time to see Asuna, she is very very beautiful, I'm very love her eyes.
    Hope we can outdoor shooting together next time. ^_^

  2.  素晴らしいですね。

    • エフェさん、ありがとうございます!
      アスナの胸当… 触るだけても落ちますよょょ…. 最後の写真を撮る時、もう諦めましたw

  3. Nice to see you and Anthony having a good time doing outdoor photo shoot! The two girls even manage to spare some time doing some sparring~

    It must have been really hot to take photos that day; trying to stay out even for a short time is hardly endurable recently thanks to the hot summer… -_-;

    • Thanks Q! It was killing to shoot outdoor in such a hot and sunny summer, especially for places without any covers….(;;゜Д゜;;)