figma レーシングミク2013 EV MIRAI ver. | Racing Miku 2013: EV MIRAI ver.

figma レーシングミク2013 EV MIRAI ver.とex:ride Spride.06 TT零13になります。いつものレースクイーン姿と違って、今回はバイク用のスーツにタンクトップという変化球で、格好良く新鮮的なデザインですね。
Here comes the figma Racing Miku 2013 EV MARIA ver. and ex:ride Spride.06 TT zero 13. Different from ordinary Racing Miku in Racequeen styles, EV MIARAI ver. wears bike suit and tank top, looks smart and fresh indeed.

TT Zero 13 comes in separated package. Illustration and patterns are pre-printed on the bike, which the sponsors logos are water-transfer decals and need to cut one by one(it took around 2 hours to finish all 50 decals).

It doesn’t come in ultra precise details but still nice. I like the bike design and its pattern.

Helmet. Reminded me for the signature yellow helmet in other animation…well how could Miku’s twin-tail being trucked into the helmet?!

Racing Miku. Face with band-aid looks cute.

Smile face, cheerful and healthy.

Riding on TT Zero 13….without a Helmet and the putting her bike suit off…good child should not imitate^^;

以上、figma レーシングミク2013 EV MIRAI ver.とTT零13でした。
2014 ver.も発売してくれると嬉しいです。
Thats all for the figma Racing Miku 2013 EV MIRAI ver. and the TT zero 13.
It would be nice if the 2014 ver. also come in figma format.

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  1. The photos are very well taken, good job! Racing Miku is so adorable, I am wondering how have you made the blue sky background?