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グッスマ 1/8 ルーシー・マリア・ミソラ GSC’s 1/8 Lucy Maria Misora

GSC Lucy
During my vacation, I cleaned andorganized my figures cabinets. Those old figures do stir some memories and I took some photos for them after cleaning. The 1/8 Lucy Maria Misora figure was produced by Goodsmile Company in 2006, when figure makers seems started shifting focus from producing GK to PVC figures. There was 2 or 3 nendoroids in 2006, and figma have not yet released. The most early PVC figures in my collection is Lucy, and Alter’s Kuro Saber (Saber Alter).

I didn’t know about ToHeart2 (even until now). I just attracted by the beauty of the sculpture. Her poker face, together with the wind in her hair, and her school uniform in pink and red that matches her hair perfectly. I don’t have much confident and skill to build GK reaching this kind of quality, hence a finished PVC is quite good for me! However while started purchasing 1 or 2, you may continue to buy more XD. My hobby to collect little PVC now extended to even larger scale 1/3 DD product… this is what I can’t imagine in early years.
GSC Lucy
GSC Lucy
GSC Lucy

The original illustration of this figure come from illustrator Kawadahisashi (leaf). Goodsmile have done great job to make the illustration into reality. This PVC figure isn’t look too retro even when comparing it to those products nowadays. The look and feel are good even viewing from different angle.
GSC Lucy
GSC Lucy
GSC Lucy

Somebody said that “its most cute when you barely can’t see anything”. This figure is a classic example XD. It’s also a great “futomomo” figure XD XD
GSC Lucy

I could assure Lucy will be displayed safely in my figure cabinet.
GSC Lucy

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    1. Yui

      あの黒セイバーがなければ、私はfate/stay nightを見ないかもしれない。コスロリを纏ったセイバーの威力が本当に凄まじいです(笑)!


  • Q

    Oh, a post of nostalgia and going back in time! I haven’t started collecting PVC figures back in 2006, though I was still in the heat of collecting various 1/144 tanks before it became less popular and fewer releases were available. The way how one was just thinking “oh it’s just going to be 1 or 2”, but ended up getting many is definitely resonated by many collectors I’m sure; it’s just funny how we all fell into the same trap XD

    Interesting to know that you are not that familiar with ToHeart 2, but how you know and like Lucy is because of the figure, which got you to determine to get the DD as well. While some figures really do show the age of time when compared with the newest figure, this Lucy still looks fine 6 years on! The poker face is also why you like Ayanami Rei as well?

    The phrase about how it’s best when you’re very close to see past the “barrier” but not quite there is an interesting one. It can give those the anticipation or piqued interest, but also not quite “ruin the fun” because of the “overexposure”. It’s an interesting notion I gotta say~

    1. Yui

      Thanks Q!
      By the same token, I thought DD Saber Alter was my only DD if I step into this blackhole… but…… haha.
      Lucy, Rei and Kuro Saber do have some common characteristics that I like, and that is why I like them all I suppose. Btw I have finall bought ToHeart 2 PSP version, but still yet to open ^^;
      Well it is a typical example of an “iron skirt”. Mysterious always win I would say!!


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