Q-Pot.phone SH-04D

Q-Pot. Phone


Have been keeping an eye on the fashion and accessories brand – Q-Pot. It integrates sweetness, elegance, happiness and a sense of humor into its product design, which attracted me a lot.

このQ-Pot.phone SH-04DはSHARP製のアンドロイドスマートフォンです。これが3作目なんだけど、ドコモでSIMロック解除できるのは今回が初だった。ようやく他のキャリアや海外キャリアでも問題なく使えるようになっているから、安心で買える≧(´▽`)≦

This Q-Pot.phone is made by SHARP with android OS inside. While it is not the first time for SHARP, Docomo and Q-Pot to come together for making a mobile phone, it is the first time that a Q-Pot.phone get an official SIM unlock from Docomo, of which people could freely use this phone under their own telecom provider even outside Japan, without applying any tricks and hacks on the SIM tray.

Look as if it is a melting chocolate bar. Just quite afraid of damages while using it and ruin its beauty….It also carries a 8 mega pixels camera.
Q-Pot. Phone

「CHOCOBED」という専用充電器。 アクリルにチョコレートが閉じ込められたようなデザインもまた素敵。
“CHOCOBED”, the exclusive charger. Just like a piece of choco sealed inside Arcyclic block.
Q-Pot. Phone

And it is a wireless electric charger!
Q-Pot. Phone

Comparing with last year’s SH-04B (dummy here), its a bit wider and larger. For a collaboration model, not only for its form, but also the UI, have fully been customized to reflect the “Q-Pot. world”. (remaining battery reflectes by melting chocolate; widgets; icons; etc)
Q-Pot. Phone
Q-Pot. Phone

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