DDS 天海春香 Amami Haruka

I don’t like DD Amami Haruka at very first, but I have totally changed my mind after reading blogs and browsing photos on flickr. She is cute! Recently, I managed to get Haruka from auction (head only). I think I have already uploaded one or two photos on twitter, yet still haven’t post here – Introducing my latest DD, Amami Haruka.


マイディアヴァンパイア feat. 星井美希 My Dear Vampire feat. Hoshii Miki

Halloween is over.
I just received the “My Dear Vampire” outfit, and I thought it was perfect for halloween’s occasion, but well it seems to be too late^^; The dress is very cute, and I like it much.


ギター少女 Guitar Girl

I like to collect miniature items like camera, food, and chair. My favorite items are musical instruments, which are always nice to be displayed. There are several singers in my DD girls collection (Okata Rina, Akiyama Mio and Hoshii Miki), and it would be nice if those items could be used by them.


DDS 星井美希 (ライブ翌日の朝編) Hoshii Miki (Morning after the stage)

DDS 星井美希
DDS星井美希二回目です。こういうスタイルのあまり撮らない…というより向けないかも^^; せっかくの一体型ボディなので、撮らないともったいないです!ではでは、「見せてもらおうか、DDS一体型ボディの性能とやらを。」良い子はクリックしないでね(え?)。

DDS Hoshii Miki again. Actually I don’t use to take photos in such style^^; However it is a waste if I didn’t make use of the newly introduced “one-piece torso” body part. Well, good child should not click^^


DDS 星井美希 (ライブステージ編) Hoshii Miki (Live Stage)

DDS 星井美希


I have neither played the game nor watched the animation of idolm@ster, but occasionally I will take a look at Hoshii Miki’s PVC figures and illustration (and which I didn’t own anyone of them either)…

Miki is not my fave character, but after having a look at everyone’s DD Miki photos, I started wanting her and finally caught her in auction^^; Well, let me introduce my newest Dollfie, Hoshii Miki.