ソニー FE50mm F2.8 マクロ | SONY SEL50M28

昨年発売した90mmマクロの値段は高いし、サイズもかなり大きい。家でフィギュア撮影メインの私には運用しにくいかもしれないから買わなかった… 今になってやっと50mmのを発売してくれました。
Have been waiting for a small SONY FE mount macro lens for almost 2 years.
SONY released a 90mm macro last year, but the range does not fit my need for taking figure photos at home…and finally the 50mm macro comes out in Sep 2016.


ソニー α7R Sony A7R

I finally managed to upgrade my camera, from NEX-3 which I have been using for 3 years, to SONY’s latest Full Frame mirrorless A7R. I am not good at writing about camera stuff, hence I may try to report it just like normal reviews for figures and product.


Xperia feat.HATSUNE MIKU

初音ミク携帯〜Xperia feat.HATSUNE MIKUをゲットしました。正直、今回はかなり迷いました。半年ほど使ってるiPhone 5に満足してるし、iOS7のデザインも気に入りました。5Sより高いミクスペリアは買うべきがどうか…。結論から言うと、初音ミクファンなら買っても損はしない携帯だと私は思います。

Just got the Xperia feat. HATSUNE MIKU. I really can’t make up my mind for purchasing this until even after it is launched. Have been satisfied with my half-year-old iPhone 5, and iOS7 looks nice to me. Well, in conclusion it is a nice piece to get for all Miku fans.


SONYカメラ ミニチュア Camera miniature

Sony Camera Miniature

SONY HK organized SONY Festival 2012 from 4-7 October. There is a small gift for SONY members when they come to the venue. It was gashapon capsules for Bravia, Camera or Vaio notebook miniatures. With the help from my friends, I am able to collect the 3 types of cameras(α77, RX-100 and NEX-7).


ソニーα55 ミニチュア Mini Sony Alpha A55

ミニチュア α55

台湾ソニーのノベルティで、α55を買ったらもらえるらしい。以前、香港ではキャノンEOS 5D mark 2のノベルティUSB メモリーも出たけど、やっぱりαユーザーとしてはαのミニチュアが一番ほしい….という訳て友人を頼んで台湾のオクで入手しました^^

This is a mini Sony Alpha A55, which is a gift item of Sony Taiwan, for whom purchasing a real A55.
Last year, Canon HK also released min EOS 5D mark 2 as gift for their customers. As a Sony Alpha user, I wish to have a mini Alpha much more than a EOS, and hence asked for help from friends to bid in auction at Taiwan. Arrow