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初音ミク〜Project Diva F〜コラボメガネ Hatsune Miku -Project Diva F- eyeglasses

メガネメーカー和真より初音ミク Project Divaのコラボメガネになります。応募で当選したので2次出荷分で手に入れる事が出来ました(オクで負けてよかった^^;。ミクさん仕事熱心ですね。ファクションだけに止まらず、アイウェアまで出ることは予想外です。
Hatsune Miku -Project Diva-F collaboration eyeglasses from Eyeglass maker Washin, which I won the lottery for 2nd shipment (luckily I lost the bid before ^^;). Miku is so hardworking recently! Not only collaborate with fashion brands, but also for eyewears, which is totally unexpected.

There are patterns from Miku’s sleeves on the arms. The pattern comes from Yamaha’s synthesizer DX7, which is the origin of Miku’s character design. The patterns was just prints on surface in prototype stage, but Washin make changes to make the patten embedded inside the plastic and hence prevent from scratches in daily uses.

The “01” was the tatoo on Miku’s left arm. Washin also make it engraved before mass production, and it is nice to have these changes.

The package also makes me surprised. It could be used for display together with the transparent plastic box. Its really appreciated for their attention to details. Well, maybe it is the time for displaying ACG collaborated eyeglasses just like those PVC figures?!

The glasses also comes with a microfiber cloth.
I like those Otaku goods that are subdued and not exaggerated. I always prefer small motif or symbols to full-printed graphic, and people will recognize it if they know a particular character or anime.

〜 おまけ omake 〜

I planned to change the lens of Miku eyeglass for daily use, but.. I have got another one before… and still think which one I should use first. Well, what is it actually?

Zoffより発売した、けいおんの澪モデルです。完全にアニメものに見えないじゃないですか?! こっちは別メーカー、Zoffより発売したものです。
The K-ON! Mio eyeglass by Zoff. Isn’t it hardly recognized?

以上、初音ミク〜Project Diva〜コラボメガネと、けいおんメガネでした。
I love the color, and the case also look pop and nice.
Thats all for Hatsune Miku -Project Diva F- collaboration eyeglass and, the K-ON eyeglass.

  • Otakusan

    Those glasses are sure beautifuly made. I just got mine from the mail using a proxy as well.. lucky to be able to buy it at regular price during the 2nd release lottery. I didn’t know you were a big fan of ACG collaboration glasses as well? The Mio ones look very nice, but the shape doesn’t suit my face too well, so I passed it. Thou I am using the Evangeilion Unit 01 ones currently ^^

    1. Yui

      Its nice that Washin has re-issue Miku glass for overwherming demand from Miku fans! Well, I do want Monster Hunter and EVA’s Rei model as well, but I am now satisfied with these two pairs XD

  • Q

    The Washin Miku glasses do look very nice. I am glad that you managed to get a pair for yourself at the end~

    Really like how the well the packagings are presented. The glasses’ relation to Miku look subtle enough not to be stand out and make one look like an obvious “nerd”, yet noticeable by those who know what it is.

    Will you plan to wear it, or have it displayed at your home?

    1. Yui

      Thanks Q! I do hope that more ACG glasses in high quality will be release in the future. I am going to wear it and will take it to optical shops to replace the lens.

  • Kuuga_iwsp


    1. Yui