DD 雪ミク 2014 Magical Snow ver. | Snow Miku 2014

Magical Girl seems to be very popular recently. The annual public competition for Snow Miku costume design for 2014 was also held under the theme of “Snow Miku as Magical Girl”. While Snow Miku 2013 featured traditional Japanese style in white kimono style, the theme color of 2014 shifted back to bluish tone similar to previous ones before 2013. While waiting for the official DD Hatsune Miku from Volks (September 2014), I will still use 06 head to cosplay Miku^^

雪ミク2014の衣装はDD用コスプレ衣装ディラー、Gingerteaさんが昨年12月ドルパ30で発売したものです(仕事が早い!!) 出来が良すぎるから、フッドにワイヤーを仕込む以外手を加える必要がないです。お蔭でマジックロードの錬成に専念できます^^ ロッドの材料は丸プラ棒、角プラ棒、グラス玉とシャンデリアパーツです。無理矢理接着するから強度も重量も気になりますが…落ちなければ大丈夫です、多分(汗
Snow Miku 2014 outfit is produced by Gingertea for Dolls Party 30 last December. Its nicely done, and no adjustments is needed except for installing wires inside the hood. – thus, I could concentrated on building the magic rod. It is composed of plastic sticks, glass sphere and crystal chandelier parts. Since I just glued them without adding supportive structures, I am quite worry about its strength and weight indeed^^;

With Snow Miku 2013. I used DDS for 2014’s body.

The head that I used was the same as Snow Miku 2012, a pre make-up DDH-06 from Volks. 06 head is a very cute and all-rounded head that fits for different cloths. On the other hand, DDH-06 doesn’t carry unique features and style as a character comparing with other character DD, just my little thoughts anyway.

雪ミク2014衣装と共にデザイン公募で選ばれたペット〜ラビット・ユキネ氏。これはSNOW MIKU 2014会場発売のぬいぐるみストラップです。ちょっと大きすぎるかな?オフィシャルグッズはほかにないから…
The design competition also receive pet designs this year, and “Rabbit Yukine” is chosen as Snow Miku 2014’s pet. This is a puppet strap released in Sapporo’s snow festival, and seems its a bit large… Well its one of the few official goods of Rabbit Yukine..

Yukine is too big…and it could even wears Miku’s hat.

Magical Girl does need some magic!
Some photoshopped images.

Want to try this outfit on official DD Miku while arrived.
Thanks for reading DD Snow Miku 2014.

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  1. Wow, you are quick on assembling you own yuki miku this year ^^ looks very good.. Specially the magic rod

    • Thanks Otakusan! It is all because GingerTea made this outfit lightning- fast! ^^b
      Well, as Volks started to make Miku outfits, I just wonder if they will make Snow Miku outfit next year :D

  2. Is there any chance you can make another Snow Miku Wand?
    I cannot get the materials here plus I do not have any skills in crafts ><
    I don't mind paying for it. Thanks.
    If you're interested, please e-mail teng@brunet.bn

    • I am sorry that I couldn’t manage to find those materials right now…
      and yet my crafting skill is not good enough to produce another wand with quality satisfactory enough for sell… sorry about that.